He Won't Know About Us

Hi ,I'm Morgan.I'm 14 and a freshman this year.I have one brother his name is Dylan hes a dork hes 16. He loves to snoop through my room.No mater how mean he get he is always there for me and if i ever have boy troubles he takes care of them.I've had a crush on this boy at school named Louis Tomlinson. He is super cute!He's been smiling at me this year at school so I wonder if he likes me?I'm sure he doesn't because I have glasses and at least I got my braces off last year but I still look like a geek!I wish he would ask me out but I don't know what I would say because my step-dad Mark is so strict .He doesn't want me to be friends with any boy and very rarely get to have any of my other friends over besides Bella shes my bestest friend my dad is friends with her dad that's why.I cant wait to be Louis friend this year maybe closer.


4. Chapter Four

I was standing at Bella's door when she opened the door and screamed ''HARRY ASKED ME OUT!''Bella screamed.''OMJFS! No way and stop screaming people are staring,''I said(omjfs stands for 'o my jelly fat Sasquatch') . "Haha o well they know they want me,'' Bella said while we were laughing our heads off.''Oh my Bella,your a crazy girl,''I said . We walked upstairs to Bella's room. ''Okay,Louis said that I need to help him pick out an outfit for church tonight,and that Harry was there too and you can come,'' I said . ''Yes, Sold I'll be there''Bella said ''Okay then lets go,''I said .So we grabbed our bags and phones and left .We arrived at Lou's house and i knocked on the door and Louis' mum answered''Hi you must be the young lady that Louis' been talking about for so lo-'' she said as Lou cut her off.''Hey mum,Dad needs help in the back yard with the um grill''He said. ''Okay, well nice to see you Morgan,'' She said ''You too Mrs.Tomlinson,'' I said . ''Hey Morgan,hey Bella,sorry about her,'' Louis said ''Oh she fine she seems really sweet,'' I said ''Oh she is,she just likes to talk'' Louis said. ''Come on guys,'' he said while leading us upstairs to his room.''Bella!''Harry said .''Harry!''Bella said as she ran to him and jumped into his arms and he kissed her on the cheek.''Okay then, well come here Morgan, here's my  closet'' Louis said .we walked into like this other room pretty much it was so big!''WOAH,'' I said .''WHAT?'' He said.''This is AWESOME!'' I said ''Hahahaha''he said. ''Well my shirts are over there and my dress pants are in the second drawer from the bottom,''he said ''Okay,thanks,'' I said.''No thank you for coming ,'' said Lou. ''Oh your welcome,'' I said ''Can I tell you something?,''He asked . ''Sure,'' I said .''Hey guys,''Bella said.''I'll tell you later,'' he whispered. ''Um,well I found a shirt you need to wear and some nice pants ,'' I said . '' Yeah I like those, what shoes,'' he asked. ''Um do you have any Converse?'' I asked. ''Uh, Duh those are my favorite kind of shoes i have seven pairs.'' he said .My mouth dropped open as i said ''OMJFS!I HAVE SEVEN PAIRS TOO!!!!'' ''Hahaha such a coincidence,'' he said ''I know right,well which color is your favorite?"I asked ''I dont know which ever one you like.''he said . ''Okay well I like the white ones." I said

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