He Won't Know About Us

Hi ,I'm Morgan.I'm 14 and a freshman this year.I have one brother his name is Dylan hes a dork hes 16. He loves to snoop through my room.No mater how mean he get he is always there for me and if i ever have boy troubles he takes care of them.I've had a crush on this boy at school named Louis Tomlinson. He is super cute!He's been smiling at me this year at school so I wonder if he likes me?I'm sure he doesn't because I have glasses and at least I got my braces off last year but I still look like a geek!I wish he would ask me out but I don't know what I would say because my step-dad Mark is so strict .He doesn't want me to be friends with any boy and very rarely get to have any of my other friends over besides Bella shes my bestest friend my dad is friends with her dad that's why.I cant wait to be Louis friend this year maybe closer.


16. Chapter fifteen

 The next thing I heard was the last bell ring if the day! I was so exited I couldn't stop smiling!! I went to my locker and threw my books in there and they all fell out. Of course they would with my luck! Then this really sweet kid comes up to me and offers to help I mean duh I wasn't gonna turn him down! "Thank you so much! By the way! What's your name?" I asked. "Oh uh.. Uh.. It's.. Tyler," he said you could tell he was very shy because he's new. "Thats a very nice name! I like it! Well I'm Morgan!" I said as I stuck my hand out to shake his. "Yeah I.. I know.. I've heard so much about you... You seem very nice. And smart!" He said as he shook my hand. I could tell he was already getting a little less shy. "Oh you have?! Aw that's so sweet thanks!" I said as I flicked my hair back. "Oh well your welcome. Well I have to get going.. Uh.. See you around." He said as he handed me my books. "Yeah of course! Hey maybe you could sit by me and my bestfriend Louis at lunch tomorrow if ya want!" I said. "That's very kind of you but it's not necessary.." He said." Of course it is! I beg of you! Please!" I said." Ok I will!" He said now we were laughing at our selves. "Well I guess ill see you tomorrow! Bye!" I said. "Ok! Bye!" He said he walked away. As I shoved my books in my locker I turned around and turned right into Louis. "Oh I'm so sorry Lou!" I said as I shut my locker. "Oh it's fine! Who was that nerd you were talking to? Your boyfriend?!" He said trying to keep a straight face. "No! That was Tyler! He's new here and if your gonna be like that ill just go hang out with him!" I said but mostly kidding. "Noooo. Please go with me! I was just kidding!" He said like a little kindergartner. "Haha ok Lou! I will go with you!" I said. "Ok good! So are you ready to go?" He asked. "Yeah sure! Lets!" I said as I turned around and Louis grabbed my hand. I was so shocked! "You don't mind do you!?" He asked. "Mind about what?" I asked. "About me holding your hand?" He said. "No your fine Lou!" I said. "Ok good! Because there's something I've been meaning to tell you for awhile now but I just haven't had the guts to do it." He said. "What is it Lou? You know you can tell me anything right?" I asked. "Yeah I know and I love that I can! And Im dot sure how you'll take this," he said as he stopped walking and was standing right in front of me and grabbed both of my hands and then continued,"but I'm in love with you Morgan, I was just afraid you didn't like me like that so that was why I didn't tell you," he said as he looked down. "Louis, I'm in love with you too! I just didnt want to say anything because-" he cut me off by kissing me. Then he said "I don't wanna know why there's no good reason why. I know mine wasn't a good reason either but..." He trailed off so I just put my arms around his neck and said "I don't wanna hear it Lou. I love you!" Kinda mocking him but I know he doesn't care. I finally let go and Lou kissed me on the cheek and said "I love you too Morgan. And can I ask you something?" "Sure!" I said. "Morgan will you go out with me?" He asked. "Yes! Of course I wil Lou!" And he smiled and kissed me again. And we kept on walking to the mall and we got there and he said "So where do you want to go first?" And I said "JACK WILLS!!" He smiled "Agreed!"he said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in there. We got in there and my eyes lit up! Louis looked at me and said "have you found anything you like?" And I was still amazed because I haven't seen one this big! So I jut nodded my head yes. "I thought so!" Louis said. I walked in and saw the hoodies and I was in love! "Oh my gosh I love this!" I said not meaning to though because I don't have that kind of money! "Here ill get it for you!" Lou said picking it up. "No! It's way to expensive!" I said back. "Morgan please I want to get it for you!" He said. "No Lou! Just no!" I said taking it out of his hands and pulling it back. "Ok then Morgan!" He said laughing. "Yeah let's get out of here before I find something else!" I said because literally everything there is way to expensive! "Haha ok! Morgan! They have a onesie store!" He said. "Oh my goodness! Lets go now!! Come on!" I said as I grabbed his hand and drug him to the map of the mall to find the onesie store. We finally found it and got matching onesies that had Aztec print across the top. Mine was pink and his was a cream colour. And tes we already had some like that but we loves them so much we got new ones We grabbed some pizza and left. "Morgan I had a lot of fun with you tonight he said as we were walking home and holding hands. "Me too Lou!"


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