He Won't Know About Us

Hi ,I'm Morgan.I'm 14 and a freshman this year.I have one brother his name is Dylan hes a dork hes 16. He loves to snoop through my room.No mater how mean he get he is always there for me and if i ever have boy troubles he takes care of them.I've had a crush on this boy at school named Louis Tomlinson. He is super cute!He's been smiling at me this year at school so I wonder if he likes me?I'm sure he doesn't because I have glasses and at least I got my braces off last year but I still look like a geek!I wish he would ask me out but I don't know what I would say because my step-dad Mark is so strict .He doesn't want me to be friends with any boy and very rarely get to have any of my other friends over besides Bella shes my bestest friend my dad is friends with her dad that's why.I cant wait to be Louis friend this year maybe closer.


1. Chapter One

"MORGAN BAILEY !!GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE AND PICK UP YOUR MESS!!!" my step-dad said ."yes sir.'' i said in a grumpy mood because my mess was one chip laying on the counter and it wasn't even mine!after i got it cleaned up i walked up stairs rolling my eyes and pushed open the door to Dylan's room and say ''DYLAN!!this is the last time i am gonna clean up your messes for you !!" "What did i do!?!?"he said '' you left a chip laying on the counter and i got chewed out for it!'' i said "well you know you cant tell dad it was mine all  he'll do is get madder at you .'' he said.''Well i'll do something he doesn't even like me and mums never around to see what he does!''i said i was sure steam was coming out of my ears .yes, i was that mad!i went in my room and locked the door then i got a text*new text from:Bella:)*

'hey what are you doin this tomorrow night?'

'probably nuthin but my step dad wont let me do anything'

'o well i was just wounderin ill have my dad call urs kk'



well about 30 mins later Mark (my step dad) came up and said i can go to Bells ! so i was thinking hallaluya praise Pete(Bellas dad) i dont have to deal with him or Dylan thank the heavens its only Tuesday and tomorrow we will go to bells church witch is huge!! and on the plus side Louis goes there!

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