A zombie who doesn't know his own name found on a cave was out on his way to regain his memory. Founded by a human name Jack,who apparently is deaf yet his other four senses are great. Sadly....


2. The truth

As we went out to the sparkling sunlight that i felt like i have never saw before in my life,I've finally saw the face of my savior. His past looked like pain but remain a secret in the scar on his face and his misty dark eyes. His hair is dirty blond and has a military style haircut. I remember the situation said "Hey, you never told me what your name was!"

His rough voice replied "My name is Jack Lucian and in case you don't know the situation in the world right now, there are aggressive zombies out there invading the world and hunting down the last humans alive. But to tell you the truth i dont think that all zombies have the same goal of killing people or taking over the world."

I moaned "ughh,so what does that have to do with me anyway?

He looked at me surprised at my reply and said " well your a zombie and you are not aggressive at all or at least yet"

I thought to myself "This man is crazy and it is not possible that there are actually creatures called zombies talking over the world" I chucked at that expecting it to be a joke all along. I looked at him and realize that he is not laughing at all and staring at me with the dark brown serious eyes. 

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