A zombie who doesn't know his own name found on a cave was out on his way to regain his memory. Founded by a human name Jack,who apparently is deaf yet his other four senses are great. Sadly....


4. the boulder

I knew right away that i couldn't out run these guys. Even if i wanted to listen to Jack and to run i knew i was going to be caught anyway. I looked around for a place close-by that i could take cover in. But the only thing around is sands a dead Jack and two just two huge boulder standing right there. I ran and hide behind the closest bolder near me even though my leg was screaming at me to stop. Behind the boulder i waited for the guns to start firing and my death to be near, but all i heard was arguing in their team of who should kill me. I was going to move and make a run for it when i almost tripped on something. I thought about how bad my luck was for a moment and i look down and i saw a tip of a hammer buried halfway in the sand. I quickly dug out the hammer. For a moment as if a lightning struck them they realize that i was gone away from their sight.

The ak-47 guy said"See this is all of your fault! Because of you that half-dead dude ran away! I should have shot him when i got the chance ,but nooooooo you guys have to stop me and see?This is what happens when you don't listen to me!"

The "manly" guy replied " Well lets go back to our base before more of them start gathering here. Also we need to make sure that nobody takes out food supply,come on lets go!"

All of them rushed back but what they didn't notice is that they left something behind.

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