A zombie who doesn't know his own name found on a cave was out on his way to regain his memory. Founded by a human name Jack,who apparently is deaf yet his other four senses are great. Sadly....


1. the beginning

  I woke up in some place dark. I can't remember who I am or to be more clearly was. I tired to stand up pain flared up my right leg. With a hard thump I founded myself back on the floor. God dammit I screamed, although it came out more like this-"Uuurrrgghh daaarrmit!". Apparently I was going to have to crawl my way out of this dark place.

"There i heard a sound over here, it must be another one of those creeps."i heard. Suddenly i saw a pool of light near by me.

I heard some footsteps coming this way."I'm saved at last..." i thought i my mind. Soon i saw a dark shadow of a person above me.

"Hurry,follow me, before they find us" he told the me quickly. He helped me up as fast as he can,we headed deeper into the dark cave.

When we stopped after what seemed like a million hours, i finally catches my breath and asked " Ughhh who are you?" We were in total darkness and neither of us can see the face of the other.

"Shut that mouth of yours if you want to die"his sharp voice hissed.

Eventually after a while we resumed running in total darkness trying to find our way of of this cave.After many twist and turns and finding the other by following the sound of the voice we found our way into the sunlight.

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