seeing you again

Emma is a 17 year old girl who loves to explore so for 3 years she will be in london doing her thing untill she sees an old friend....


4. the surprise

Emmas p.o.v

I can't believe I just saw harry...but when I did I just ran off because I couldnt talk to him not yet though...I just can't stand the idea of him leaving me or forgetting me. As I walk to the cafe in the hotel I bump into this cute blond boy "sorry" I said "oh no worries love" he said with his accent his irish accent to be exact "so were ya going darlin" "oh to the cafe" i said "oh good I was just heading there mind if I join?" "Oh of course you can join" I said with a giggle. After 3 hours talking and hanging out with niall, that's his name he told me it was awsome we were so close and so much in common. "So Emma want to hang out at the park tommorow?" I waited and thought "suree!" I finally answered and so we went on the elevator and went to our seprate ways till tm that is aha.xx

Nialls p.o.v
Wow! Emmas a real nice girl and very cute that's for sure I should ask her out well let see how the day at the prk will go cause she is just amazing she also loves nandos!! Oh and herr giggle is just to die for haha! Can't wait !

I walk into the room to hear nina laughing I hear who she is talking to then I hear his voice I gasp I think they heard me cause nina told me to com over I ignore her and run to the bedroom she knocked a couple times I just ignore it a few minutes pass I hear the entrance door shut I'm like ahh finally he's gone.

"Emma why were you ignoring me?" "Oh um I was listening to mui sorry nina" I said as a cover up to ignore her "oh okay well its late I m guessing yoi wanna slep" "mhm" I said.

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