seeing you again

Emma is a 17 year old girl who loves to explore so for 3 years she will be in london doing her thing untill she sees an old friend....


5. The Date

Emmas p.o.v

Today I'm going to the park with niall he said to meet him downstairs and at 11:30 am as I walk to the kitchen no ones up as usual haha nima is such a sleepy head but I love her anyways I change into a yellow dress with yellow toms curled my hair and put a bow on it I walk out to the elevator as I go down I can see nialls cute smile and amazing eyes "hey niall" I said "hey love ready to go?" He asked "yes!" I said with a smile he complitmented me on how i looked I awed at the statement his hair was messy I thought it was cute I told him he laughed and I could see a little blush on his cheeks it was adorable.
As me and him walk around the park he decides to grab my hnd a pull me to the swing it was cute how he pushes me on it haha I adored it.xx then we went for icecream he puts some on my face so I put some in his cheek"how m I suppose to clean my cheek?" He said laughing "I don't know" I said licking his face "that's one way" he said licking my cheeks I giggled and it made him smile haha "come here" he said dragging me behind a tree "what?" I said "the paparazzi I just saw them" he knew I didn't understand cause I gave him a confused look "emma you do know I'm niall from one direction.right?" "What omg really?" "Yes haha and here right now is a perfect moment" "for what" I said. I see him lean in and at the moment I also move until our lips meets we were moving in sync it felt amazing. As we stopped he asked "emma will you do me the joy of being my girlfreind?" "Of course niall!" I hesitate on thinking what had happned then I relized he's freinds with harry..oh god I thought. Niall broke the hesitation with a hug oh what a cutie he waswe walked back to the hotel he asked if I wanted to go up to his hotel room to meet the band . I just think and say yes to the fact of seeing harry again I wonder if he reconizes me I'm just jittery the whole way up and we get there he introduces me to all of them but harry wasn't in sight I was relieved "HARRY!" Niall calls "wha-" he stopped I kne tge minute me and him made contact he knew who I was. "Harry this is my gf emma" "hey" I said in a low tune voice "let's make a barbeque!" louis insisted. Everyone else left except me and harry "so emma long time no see" "yeah.." he knew I didn't want to talk to him "em I'm sorry I havent been in contact with you" there was a long hesitation until I said "harry you hurt never call or even skype" he didn't answer so I just teared up and left cause I didnt wanna be there any longer. He broke me.
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