seeing you again

Emma is a 17 year old girl who loves to explore so for 3 years she will be in london doing her thing untill she sees an old friend....


2. Landing

Ninas p.o.v
As I start to wake up from my sleep I see emma dozed off so I ask the attendant if I can use my phone she said I can so I long on twitter to see that one direction the biggest boy band that I love has landed in london were me and nina are going "ahh" I let a shreek out that it woke emma "what happned nina?" "Oh nothing teehee" so after tht she went to use the bathroom on board as I start taking pictures until I get a tweet from my cousin saying "one direction is staying in the hotel me and emma are going to in all the excitement I just accidently flung my phone to the person behind me so I turn back to see paul the security of one direction i jus sttare and he's is there surprised that a teen girl flung a phone at him haha I'm such a fool!

After landing

"Why were you so excited on the plane?" "Oh no reason you'll find out haha"
As we arrive at the hotel to my surprise I see him the person who I've known since toddlers is here I just stared as nina screamed my heart lit up in a second I can't beliv it my old friend Harry Styles is here....
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