seeing you again

Emma is a 17 year old girl who loves to explore so for 3 years she will be in london doing her thing untill she sees an old friend....


1. getting ready

Emmas p.o.v::
I just can't wait to explore london with my bestfreind nina we are gunna have such fun but most of all I can't wait to see my aunty bella I haven't seen her in ages I am currently from london but I don't have an accent such foolery haha but I do have the vocabulary "Emma get your bum down hear" I heard nina yell "coming!" I yelled back. On my way down i said my goodbyes to the family my mum started bawling so I hugged her most of all, afterwards me and nina walk out into the cab my dad called for us we drove to the airport for 2 hours such a drag haha "ahh! Can't believe were going to london such an excitement don't you think emma?" "Of course nina its gunna be loads of fun" "yes excatly!" She said sqealling classic nina

"At the airport"
Nina and I set off. Our luggage and started to climb on bored the flight atendant helped me and nina to our seats as we seat down I look out the window and think "london hear I come" as I saw nina start to doze off I as well got equally comfortable and dozed off afterwards as I sleep I whisper "here we go"
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