Save Me (Niall Horan/ Harry Styles FanFiction)

Helena, 17 moves to London with her cousin Liam Payne from One Direction and catches the eye of two special boys, who will get the girl and who will be left heart broken?


1. Helena Payne

Save Me

Helena Payne
Age: 17
Favorite color: light blue
Favorite food: EVERYTHING, I love eating.
Nickname: Laney or Lanerz (Liam used to all me that)
Hi, im Helena Payne. I love Ed Sheeran like crazy his my idol, it’s not even funny. He um… kinda saved my life. Yes I cut. Yes I had suicidal thoughts. Yes I was really really close to committing suicide. But that’s our little secret (it’s between me and you our little secret) yes I like One Direction too. I’m proud of my cousin, his in a world famous band, how can I not be? Even though my cousins Liam I’ve never actually met the rest of the boys. They seem crazy… oh god what did I get myself into?

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