The secret Valentine (1D)

18 year old Will is your average teenage girl. Except her broth is Louis Tomlinson, and he told his other band mates he had a brother instead of a sister so she could go on tour with them. They didn't allow any girls to go just in case they were crazed fans. So now she has to go on tour with her brother dresses as a boy. How long can she play this game, and will someone figure her out. It is not a problem for her because she like to dress like like a boy. What will go down?


4. Wait today's Valentines Day?

Willow's POV

I wake up to someone sitting on the edge of the bed. I flutter my eyes open, and see Niall smiling at me. I smile back at him. "Hello love." I say rubbing my eye's. "Love? You never called me that." he says smiling widely. "Well I guess that all changed when Harry told me you loved me." I say getting up, and walking in to Niall's bathroom. I look in the mirror, and see horror staring me in the face. "How come that those girls in the movies wake up looking all pretty, and stuff, and I wake up looking like a dead bug?" I say turning to Niall. He just laughs. "Well it's true." I say turning back to the mirror. I put my hair up in a pony tail, and sit back in on the bed with Niall. "So?" I ask nudging him in the ribs lightly. "So what?" he asks doing the same. "Are we a thing?" I ask him running my finger through him hair. "If you want. I don't want to force you in to anything." he says blushing. "Your so cute when you blush." I say pinching his cheeks. He swats my hands away. "So your my girl, and I'm your boy." he says getting me, and slinging me over his shoulder like nothing. "Niall where are we going?" I ask him. "Well we have to tell Louis don't we?" "I guess." I say twiddling my thumbs. "Louis." says Niall knocking lightly on me, and Louis bedroom door. "Just open it." I say to him. He does as told. He plops me down on Louis bed. He walks over to Louis who is on his laptop. "Yes Nialler." he says turning around. "Come sit." I say patting the seat next to me. He nods, and sits. Niall sits in front of us, and begins. "Well Louis... I just wanted to tell you I am dating your sister as of 5 minutes ago." he said almost choking on his words. "I don't know what to say to this except for me giving you my best wishes." he says hugging us both. "Louis come out to play!" yells Liam. "Okay!" he says running out of the room, and leaving me, and Niall behind. I look at him, and kiss his soft lips. "Happy Valentines day." he says while pulling away. "It's Valentines day?" I ask looking at him. "Yep. Now what does my gal want to do for Valentines day?" he asks wiggling his eyebrows. "Surprise me all day." I say while shooing him out of the room. I go over to my bag, and pull out a short black pencil skirt, and a pink sweater, and some black ugg's. I walk out in to the living room only to be whistled at by Harry, and Louis. "Whatever. I am making you guys a surprise. All of you." I say while walking in to the kitchen. I melt a bunch of chocolate bars, and shape them in to little hearts. When they where done hardening I put them all in little boxes, and tied a bow on top. Just to be a tease I took small pieces of paper, and put on red lipstick, and kissed each small piece of paper. I walk out, and them all there boxes. They all smile, and I walk back in to the kitchen. I grab the car keys out of the jar, and walk back out. "I am going to the store. Liam I need you to come with me so you can help me choose out a present for Niall okay?" Niall hugs me goodbye, and me, and Liam hop in the car. This was going to be tough.

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