The secret Valentine (1D)

18 year old Will is your average teenage girl. Except her broth is Louis Tomlinson, and he told his other band mates he had a brother instead of a sister so she could go on tour with them. They didn't allow any girls to go just in case they were crazed fans. So now she has to go on tour with her brother dresses as a boy. How long can she play this game, and will someone figure her out. It is not a problem for her because she like to dress like like a boy. What will go down?


2. Uh oh!

Willow's POV

I smile when we all pile in to the van. "Hello Will. I have been expecting to see you." "A simple hello would have been fine." I say sassing off. "He gets his sass from me. Sorry for that." Me, and Louis shared a row of seats all the way in the back. "Don't slip up!" he whisper/shouts at me. I roll my eyes, and slip in my head phones. I listen to -Hall Of Fame- By the Script. I hum along. I lean myhead against the cold van window. I must've fell a sleep because I felt some one pick me up, and carry me out of the van. My hat falls off but, oh well. I feel myself being put down on what I think is a bed. I open my eyes to see Zayn. "Can I have my hat?" I ask him. He turns to me, and tosses it to me. I laugh, and put it on my head, and snore until he closes the door. I hear my phone go off. It is a text from Louis. It read-

Peeta <3- Nice job today. Come to our room. It next to the room you are in. It is the one t the end of the hall to the left. Hurry Katniss.

I laugh, and get up. I open the door, and walk to Louis, and mine's room. I plop down on the bed. I was waiting for him to get out of the bathroom so I could shower. I decide to text him.

Katniss <3- Hello bread boy. Hurry. I need to shower. xxx. Willow xxx.

I laugh as he comes out with a bra on. "What I needed to cover the boys up." he said putting his hands over his boobies. I laughed so hard I fell on the floor, and was crying. They boys come in, and see that wonderful sight, and they did the same. I had to deepen my laugh around them so they wouldn't get suspicious. I stop laughing, and wipe the tears away when he takes it off, and trows it at me. I fling it across the room, and in to the laundry bin. "Where did you get a bra!?" asks Harry wiping away his tears. "I don't even know why but, it was in my suit case." he said laughing at me. "You are so stupid." I say flopping down on the bed while the boys walk out. I lock the door behind them. Then I look at Louis. "Turn around." I say twirling my finger. "Dang. Just kidding." he said turning towards the wall. I strip down to nothing but my sports bra since I am as flat as a board and down to my boy short undies. They had rockets on them. Louis picked them out. I pick out one of his sweat shirts, and don't bother to zip it. Then I plop down on the bed next to him. "I love you Louis. I will try hard to keep this secret. I promise." I say pointing out my pinky. He intertwines his with mine, and we shake on it. Then I fell asleep. I don't know when but, I remember Zayn walking in on me changing, and me dragging him in, and covering his mouth. "Don't tell anyone." I say pleading him. He nods his head, and I release my grip on his mouth. "Where is Louis?" I ask putting a hand on my hip. "Out shopping with the lads." I nod. "Don't tell a soul or else." I snap at him. He backs away with his hands in the air. "Especially Harry. He is a perv sometimes." I say running my fingers through my hair. He shifts in his spot. "I need to get dressed. So please leave." I say shooing him out. He nods, and I lock the door behind him. I am going to kill Louis when he gets home. I told him to Lock the door, and then he is careless enough not to. I am going to shoot him I swear. I go in to Louis bag, and pull out a pair of basketball shorts, and one of his t-shirts, and slip them on. Then I put on one of his beanies. Louis walks in, and I stand there tapping my foot at him. "What!?!?!" he said defensibly. I slap his arm, and pinch him cheeks so hard that my thumbs leave red marks. "Oww! Stop it! What did I do?" he asks starting at me confused. "You left the bedroom door unlocked, and Zayn walked in on me changing." I say punching his arm. "Oh my god I am so sorry." "He promised not to tell any one." "Zayn can't keep secrets you now that right." he says worried. "WHAT!?!?!?!"  I yell running out in to the living room only to have all the boys whistle at me. " jerk! You promised me!" I said running back in to the room, and locking myself in there with Louis. I just sat on the edge of the bed, and cried until I was sure I was dried out. I look in the mirror, and see that my eyes have red puffy rings around them. Louis rubs short circles on my back. I will get you Malik. Don't think I won't.

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