The secret Valentine (1D)

18 year old Will is your average teenage girl. Except her broth is Louis Tomlinson, and he told his other band mates he had a brother instead of a sister so she could go on tour with them. They didn't allow any girls to go just in case they were crazed fans. So now she has to go on tour with her brother dresses as a boy. How long can she play this game, and will someone figure her out. It is not a problem for her because she like to dress like like a boy. What will go down?


3. Revenge is best served with help, and hair dye.

Willow's POV

Revenge is best served with help, and lost of hair dye. I have been waiting for this moment all day. He fell a sleep on the couch while watching Dora. I don't even want to know. I had Louis buy the hair dye. We bleached his hair while he was sleeping, and then we dyed it Pink. I had to say. He looked-

gorgeous in pink. I poured cold water on him to wake him up. He woke up, and saw all the pink on him, and ran to the bathroom. All he did was scream, and tackle me to the ground, and...........................hit me! I cry as I feel the stinging pain of his hand hit my face another time. Louis runs over, and pulls him off of me. I run in to the nearest room, and lock the door behind me. I look around, and I am in...........Harry's room. Great. Just the last person I wanted to see. I crawl under his covers, and cuddle with him. "Why does l-love h-h-hurt?" I ask him. He shrugs, and ruffles my hair. Wow! He can be caring, and sweet. "You, and Zayn would make a fine couple but, so would you, and Niall." he said pushing me in to Niall's room. WOW! I need to rest. I walk over, and literally jump on to Niall's bed. I wrap myself like a burrito in his blankets, and fall asleep.


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