The secret Valentine (1D)

18 year old Will is your average teenage girl. Except her broth is Louis Tomlinson, and he told his other band mates he had a brother instead of a sister so she could go on tour with them. They didn't allow any girls to go just in case they were crazed fans. So now she has to go on tour with her brother dresses as a boy. How long can she play this game, and will someone figure her out. It is not a problem for her because she like to dress like like a boy. What will go down?


1. The secret begins.

Willow's POV

I look at Louis right in the eyes. He can't be serious can he? "Sorry say that again. I don't think I heard you right." I pulling my long hair out of the way of my ears. "I said that they won't let any girls on tour with us. So if you want to go you have to dress like a boy. The lads think you are a boy anyways." he says shrugging it off like it was nothing. "Okay well I will go get my hair cut boy short right now, and then I will go get a boy's out fit. I will be back in time for the boys to pick us up okay?" I say grabbing my keys. He nods. "Have fun Will." he says patting my back. My name is now Will Tomlinson. I like that name. I hop in the car, and drive to the stylists house. "Hey Tina I'm here for my hair cut. I would like boy short hair." she smiles, and spins me in the chair. I watch as all my hair falls to the floor. I get up pay her, and leave to go shopping. I hop in the car, and buckle up. I ruffle up my hair, and head towards Goodwill. I walk in, and go to the boys section. I grab a pair of baggy pants, and a really baggy sweat shirt. I don't have anything to hide. I am as flat as I board. I grab a vizor hat, and a pair of ruffed up skate board sneakers. I check out, and run back t the car. I go home, and as soon as I get there I run upstairs, and change in to my new clothes. I smile, and take off my make up making me not Willow but, Will. I run down stairs to see Louis, and the lads sitting around watching football. I sit next to Louis, and punch his arm. I have to look like a dude I might as well act the part too. I smile, and see his reaction to my new look. "Lads. This is Will. Will this is Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn." Zayn's beauty got to me. I hugged them all, and sat back down. I got board after a few minutes, and got up to go to the music room. I step in, and sit at the piano. I start to play - Moments- By One Direction. (My brothers band.) I smile as I play. I hear clapping at the door. I look to see Louis, and the lads. I smile at them, and play - I Want- By One Direction. They all sing while I play, and I smile. Their music has always triggered me. I love their feeling, and emotion they put in to it. I smile when they all finish. "Can you speak?" asks Niall. "Yes." I say in a tad bit of a deeper voice. "Okay. I just thought you were shy." he said smiling, ,and hugging me. "I can't breath." I joke. He lets go. Then we hear a honk outside the house. That must be Paul.

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