Airport Home

This story is about a young girl that runs away from her abusive parents in an airport.
She makes passage ways and secret areas to hide and sleep in during the day, she runs around the airport at night trying get into stores and restaurants. When the police start finding her things and items are stolen she needs to hide and keep more under cover.

This book is adventurous and cliff hanging. Read to find more!!!


1. Chapter 1

I ran as soon as they looked away, '' I am done with my parents, I am so done, I am out of here'' I thought. I kept running then I realised I should find somewhere to hide. I stopped running and ran into the janitors closet.  ok , I thought, I need to get out of here. I looked up and I saw a vent. I stepped on climbed up the book shelf.  I crawled into the vent and I  opened up my satchel and I laid out my little white blanket with the worlds ABC all over it , I had ever since I was 1, it was the only thing that I ever called mine. I also laid out my little bag of pretzels I stuck 1 in mouth and felt accomplishment.

At this time it was about 3:00 and Emily was still waiting in the vent. When night time comes ,she thought I will wait to see the security when they leave the airport I will come out. an hour later Emily packed her blanket and her little pretzels and crawled farther down the vent, she kept going for a few minutes until she reached a spot were the vent lowered and there was a small square plate of glass. she was in the right next to the closed Tim Horton's. she waited 15 minutes before hopping to the ground out of the vent. She jumped down out of the vent and started walking around she crept up to a store were they sell those random t-shirts that say I love Toronto and the little neck rest that they want everyone to buy. The store was closed but she could fit through the bars.  She stepped through and grabbed a blue neck rest and a pink night gown that said Toronto airport on it, she also grabbed an apple and a bag of chips. she slipped through the bars again and walked farther down the airport. the airport hall seemed tall and large with stores all in a row, as she walked down the stores would stop and there would be gates ,chairs , recharging stations and signs saying D16 D17 etc. there was also sky trains and kiosks.

She saw a sign saying ''sky trains above'' so she ran up the stairs and looked at the sky trains. Should she get in it or should she not. She hopped on the sky train and held on to the bar. The train stopped not at a stop. she was stuck she freaked out '' oh no I am going to get caught tomorrow i need to get out of here! She saw a little hole in the window and she took her little pink bow of her head looked around there was a black pen on the ground she untied the bow and tied the black pen on the end of the string, she took the pen and through it out the window and it got stuck to a bar outside of the sky train and she pulled so hard it took ten minutes. Then the train started move again!

She waited 5 minutes and got of the train.  She found some steps that were blocked of and she went down them she found a passage it small and deserted big enough for people but it had a very low roof and she could no stand up but it was were she was to live for the night!


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