Stupid Sixteen Year Old Times

Ian is back in his hometown for a prolonged visit, so walking into the local Walmart, one thing he should have foreseen is running into his longest standing high school girlfriend, Sarah. It also occurs to him it's been 8 years, and he probably should have expected karma to bite him in the butt with what has become of Sarah.


1. Stupid Sixteen Year Old Times


He’s just walked into Walmart when a shrieking kid skids past his legs and runs around him.   

“Fawn!” A woman yells as he stops trying to follow the child with his eyes as not to step on her while he walks. He looks up to see who it was and his gaze is filled with light blonde waves, tan skin, and green-hazel eyes. The toddler giggles and her long brown hair that waves just like her mothers falls out of its pony tail just as she looks up at him with large brown eyes. The ones that reflect his own chocolate brown ones, though he’s not sure why he thought of that. The woman grabs the child and just like that, he’s face to face with his first love.   

“Sarah?” He asks in a breathy whisper. Sure, he’s had other girlfriends, probably some that meant much more than she did, but none of them was with a kid that looked just like the daughter he spent his entire sixteenth year of life imagining they’d have together. Did she just call the little girl Fawn? So, to add to the bad case of Déjà vu he was having, the little girl had the same name he’d decided along with Sarah too.   

“Oh my gosh!” Sarah’s smile is all pearly white slightly crooked teeth and sparkling eyes as she looks at him and shuffles her daughter around in her arms. He calculates the possibility this little girl could be his while knowing full well the logic that him and Sarah hadn’t had sex in 8 years and it was actually impossible for her to be his. The second thing he thinks about and curses his penis for, is that her white t-shirt is very well fit and pops along with her jean shorts on her tan skin. “Ian! Didn’t expect to see you back in Brockville, well, I mean of course you would be since it’s thanks giving and all…”

She’s babbling, that’s something new, though, why wouldn’t she have changed? Even when they were less than two lockers apart for the two years after they broke up they didn’t say more than 3 sentences to one another every 2 and a half months.   

“Yeah. It’s good to see you too.” Ian notices she’s blushing, he realizes he’s probably been staring and wonders whether he should care. He’s uncomfortably taking notice of all the other males in the produce department looking at Sarah, why should he feel uncomfortable joining in, he lost his virginity to this woman. Great, he thinks, that’s right, make yourself think of her in a way that makes you want to be all possessive. He should really start thinking of all the bitchy times she had in the last few months of their relationship, but his stupid man-brain points out, she was sixteen then, she’s twenty-four now.   

Sarah opens her mouth to say something and closes it again, she was never this socially awkward before he thinks. Fawn has started resting her head on her mothers shoulder with her eyes fluttering closed. He decides to break the silence with something he knows he has to be sure about.   

“She yours?” The question hangs their for a few seconds and Sarah raises an eyebrow at him.   

“Yes,” Sarah laughs lightly, it’s a hearty one, but quiet as not to wake Fawn Ian guesses, “She’s mine.”  

A daughter named Fawn, with brown wavy hair and large dark eyes. The exact child Sarah said she wanted as a first born when they were together. Some things never change, he thinks. Then a little voice nags at him, so why do you remember?   

The little girl lets out a quiet half snore half sneeze and nuzzles into Sarah’s neck. Ian opens his mouth to say more but is interrupted by a man coming up behind Sarah and gesturing for Fawn. Sarah hands the toddler to the man and smiles at him gratefully, Ian feels a pang of jealousy. He subtracts the urge to roll his eyes at himself. He’s the one who decided to end it with Sarah after all. Of course it was just Karma she’d be more attractive now, the added social awkwardness just improved her somehow. Ian looks to the man beside her as he turns and sticks his hand out. Remembering that all Canadian small town woman loved accents back in high school the man introduces himself.  

“The names Carter,” he says with a British accent and a friendly though challenging smile, “You are?” He looks to Sarah and back to Ian.  

“Ian, me and Sarah went to the same high school,” to his surprise Carter laughs. Sarah sticks her tongue out at him and glares.  

“You’re the Ian right?” Carter looks to him and is surprised to see he has Heterochromatic eyes, one is a dark blue while the others a dark brown, “the one who put Sarah in her place all those years ago.”  

Ian is, to put it plainly, flabbergasted, what has this man been told about him. “What?”   

“Don’t worry about it mate, you just saved me a lot of work,” Carter sticks out his left hand to shake Ian’s before Sarah slaps him in the arm. Carter shakes his head at Ian and Ian can’t help but smile. He’s just met the man and Carter’s already bringing him in like they’d been friends for years and just lost track of each other along the way.   

“Oi!” Sarah says, “You shut your gigantic gob, you’re going to wake Fawn!”  

“Yeah, that’s why you want me to shut it, is it?” Carter chuckles and puts his right arm around Sarah, his left hand holding the cart Fawn is now sleeping in steady. Though in the dog bed she’s now residing in, Ian doubts a small bump would wake her.   

The two bicker and Ian can’t help but admit he’s amused by the couple. The next thing he knows he’s been invited for dinner at some point in the next week at the new restaurant opening of Carter’s friend Rodney. As Sarah waves good bye a huge smile on her face and Carter’s arm around her shoulders, he catches the glint of a diamond on her left hand. 

Sometimes, you don’t realize how stupid you were when you were sixteen until you’re twenty-four and she’s a knock out whose married to you’re new British friend after a night in Vegas when they were twenty. Which also resulted in the child you two always talked about having being born nine months later and your friend asking her to marry him again.   

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