valentine suprise(1D)

its valentine's days once again, yet still u still have no cards no candy or anything, but what happens when u stroll into the park one direction is there?


2. valentines again

                        tiffanys pov:                                                                                                                         


well its that time of year again. lovey dovey time. I just hate it! all the loved ones get flowers and chocolate. why don't I get anything? im sweet, cute, and lovable. ugh. just wish I could get one valentine is that too much to ask for. then I just started to lose it. I began sobbing and screaming like im being run over. I wish I had shoulder to cry someone to comfort me. but no my parents died when I was five, and I snuck out of the orphanage last year and now live in a small apartment and work at mcdonalds. my gosh could it get any worst? wow im stressed out. ugh. going for walk in the park.



sorry short chapter Im playing wrestle mania.

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