Heaven Help Us Now

There are things in the night people don't dare speak of, it's the night's secrets, and why would the people of the day want anything to ruin their blissful ignorance in the light. As a little boy runs through the city from a man much bigger than him, no one stops to help, but what he finds while hiding, may be the very reason he should have been running the other way.


1. Heaven Help Us Now


Running, faster and faster, walls closing in on me; all I see are walls, big black ones with small covered windows. I scream for help to those around me, but all they do is look up in irritancy and shake their heads. I did not think the stuck up pinch-faced people would help me anyways, but the dirt-faced people had given me hope; though it did not matter, all I could do was run, the little ray of hope inside me crushed to oblivion by icy stares.

"Runnnt, you know you can never run from me! I am your father and you will do as I tell you!” The raspy slurring shout of my father was getting louder behind me, I had to get faster.

Breathing heavily, catching a glimpse of a corner, a small one. Maybe he will miss it, in desperation I swerve into the small alley way. Turning my head; frantically searching for a place to hide within my sights, before I reach the fence that would conceal my escape, my only relief. 

Something there, propelling me back; an ache runs up my spine as I struggle to get up from the cold dirty pavement. Rubbing my sore head I find in my sights a fair noblewoman. Silver eyes meet mine as she thrusts the man in front of her to the ground, black feathered wings sprout from her back; wiping her mouth on her sleeve, she’s walking towards me. Kneeling down her hand reaches towards my face. The hand warm to my skin, though cooling as time went by. The pretty noblewoman's eyes flashing as she catches my gaze; my life playing like a film on her irises.

"Runnnt, what have I told you! I was right wasn’t I! You should always listen to your father’s wise words my son,” Spitting the words, my father rushes towards me, almost lunging. I am well aware he is inebriated without the slur of his words, “No more foolishness, it is time for your lesson!" 

My father found me, just as he always did before. Snapping my eyes away and scrunching them closed, I sense the threatening hands reaching for me. 

"What do you think you're doing!?"

My eyes flew open hearing my father almost yelp the raged question. There was no triumphant scratching and stroking of my scalp, no warm prickly breath on my neck; not one firm cold hand gripping my arm. My father held up against the wall by the noblewoman, such a scowl on her face as she stared coldly into his eyes, my father pulled his gaze away and gave that enraged look to me; a gaze with such loathing I flinch, forcing my vision elsewhere.

The noblewoman’s hair blowing in the wind as she turns her head towards me; crimson streaking it’s way across her face, a small line from her lip to her cheek giving her half a clown’s smile, the white gown she wore speckled in its red embrace. Her wings flaring with such malice, shining with prosperity. Never had I seen such a terrifying creature; her beauty paralyzing my fear into attraction. 

"Young man," She says in a melodic voice, pressing her slim fingers into my father’s neck; seeming to pay no attention to the blood she was drew, “If you so desire it, I can make for certain that this swine never touches you again."

A gasp escapes my lips; no one had ever asked me what I wanted before. At first I am at a loss for words. My eyes met my fathers, the same ones I had inherited from him, this fact made me recoil at the appearance of my own reflection in each mirror I passed. His were now filled with a desperation that made me further disgusted. My decision was clear to me, our gaze never faltered as I nodded, then an overwhelming force turned my head and all went black for a few moments. 

A blood-curdling shriek; that of which I would have never placed to my father without knowing the only people in the ally were myself, the unconscious nobleman, my father, and the noblewoman. The only thing heard before the resistant sounds of ripping tissue, the crunching of shattering bones; I could feel the thick wetness of his blood as it splattered my face and clothes. Then all at once my sight came back and I found myself looking into the empty irises of my decapitated father; the only whole piece of him left, I felt nothing. Not relief or remorse, just numbness in my chest. He was gone, my father, gone; and all I could feel was a slight irritation as my meals of that day heaved themselves out of my stomach.

"What are you called?" The noblewoman addressed me again as she stepped over my father's head, the gown trailing behind her.

Stepping into the light, I could see no differentiation from the pearly white her gown had been and the blood red it was now, her blonde hair still shone, even with the clumps of drying blood, her pale complexion speckled with blood. Her expression seemed something of a smile, not kind but not besetting either. 

"Ru-ru-runn-e-" I started to squeak out, I was not aware of any other name to which I may have been called. Everybody I ever knew called me runt. 

"Rune, my name is Claire Van Copan,” her melodic voice rang through my ears before I could finish, “Would you like to accompany me?” 

Her silver eyes locked on mine; a dizzy spell was about me as my knees gave out and I toppled to the ground, swift arms caught me in descend. The dampness of her sleeve on the nape of my neck was of little comparison to the soft texture of the silk material it was made of. I was drifting to sleep as she started to speak.

"Y-y-yes ma’am!" The words fell from my mouth in quiet splendor as my eyes closed in great reverie. Rune, I liked the sound of that. 

With that my very own guardian had been shown to me, flying with ebony wings into the midnight sky, this was the true beginning of my life.    

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