I Found You.

It's her big day. The day of the end of the year talent show at school. She wouldn't be so darned nervous if her vocal coach hadn't invited scouts. Lacie Quinn hadn't been so nervous in her entire life. But one old friend's appearance might be able to give her the confidence she needs. But the question is.......How did he find her?
(Niall Horan Love Story) XX :D <3


1. Lacie Quinn

Lacie Quinn


Hi! I'm Lacie or Lace for short. I am 18-almost-19 years old. I live in Los Angeles, California but I am originally from Mullingar, Ireland. Born and raised. I had to move when I was 12, to the U.S. because of my dad's military work. He works for U.S. intelligence so I really never get to see him. It's just me, my mum, and my little  6 year old brother Collin. I've been made fun of since I moved here because of my accent. It stinks. The only people that know I can sing is me mum, my vocal coach, and my best friend from Ireland, who I haven't seen for over 6 years. His name starts with a N and ends with a L and he's in a world-famous boy band. Guess it yet? Yup, my best friend is Niall Horan from One Direction. I miss him more than you could ever imagine but he probably doesn't even remember me. I have countless pictures of us when we are younger scattered along my walls.I wish one day, I could finally see him again and I dream about that day all the time. Also, another thing that sucks about living here is that I get made fun of because people think I lie about being Niall's best friend.

Otherwise, let me tell you how I look! (link above if you have access) I am 5 foot 3 inches (160 cm) I have long, light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I'm pretty skinny but I'm not lanky. I'm decently tan, since I live in California. Most of my time is dedicated to playing guitar and writing songs, which nobody knows. The background on my phone is a Irish Flag. (woot woot!) I am addicted to Twitter. I have never had a boyfriend because guys think I'm weird. I don't really have any friends here even though I had a bunch back home. My life stinks. :(

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