Love Always, Talia

Talia Marson is just your everyday, average, New York, teenage girl, and all she wants is to have a fun High School experience.
Along with some of her best friends from Middle School, Marcy Farro, Beth Yale, Tenner Apper , Josh DeMarco, Alex DeMarco & Aaron Parker.
These friends have gone through everything together & nothing can separate them!
But there's one catch! These friends are all jumbled up in a big love mess.
Talia likes Josh, Marcy likes Aaron, Beth likes Tenner, Tenner likes Marcy, Aaron likes Beth, Alex likes Talia, & finally, Josh, well, the doesn't even know anymore!
Will this bunch make it out of High School alive? or will they tear each other to shread's before Graduation?
Find out in, Love Always,Talia...


1. The morning event's & A new Aaron

Wednesday, September 10th, 2012

Dear Diary,


Wow! It's been a LONG Summer. A very long hot summer. We both have alot to catch up on! Let's start with this! Today is my first day of High School! Yeah! That's right! Freshman year starts today!!! Okay, enough partying! Serious time.... Marcy just found out last month that she didn't make it into that super smart school I told you about, before Summer.... Yeah, she was pretty bummed about it. So, Me, Beth & the other's decided to march to that school & DEMAND that they accepted her to the school. Yeah! I know right! Go Talia! Well, no. Let's say we almost got thrown in Jail, until Beth's mom came to our rescue & dropped us home! Thank the lord of Cheese for that! Then Marcy found out and started to get all emotional until Aaron sushed her up and gave her a hug, which then she passed out. Yeah... did I mention she still's loves him? Well, she does! Oh Yeah! I forgot to mention the other really suck-ish part... Remember that Performing Art's school I auditioned for? I didn't get in... :'( You know how mom didn't even want me to? Yeah.. now she's happy that I'm now going to a High School that's like 2 minutes away, versus a school that 2 hour's away... But... JOSH IS GOING TO THE SAME SCHOOL!!! AHHHH!!!! Okay... sorry for that! But... Yeah I'm just in a happy mood! Oh yeah.. AJ starts Middle School today.. I don't think he's gunna last very long. You know him, He'll be drowning in his own paper's. haha, no I'm not very funny. wow, It's 7:30... I'll write to you later.


Love Always, Talia xxx


I grabbed my new backpack and threw my book into it. I quickly grabbed my shoes off of my desk and ran into the hall. I the darted down the stairs while still applying my lipstick, then throwing it into my pocket. 


"MOM! I'M READY TO LEAVE!" I quickly turned the corner and slid into the kitchen. There was still no shoe's on my feet, which caused me to slide my way into the door frame. She was no where to be found. I threw my bag on the kitchen chair and slipped my right shoe on my foot, followed by my left. I then laced them up and stood up from the chair and walked into the living room.


"MOM? AJ?" I called out, Still no reply. Great! I hope you noted my sarcasim there. I slowly walked over to my bag and pulled out my phone. I clicked the power button and the screen lit up. 'Wednesday, September 10th, 2012' '7:36 am'. I sighed, and stuffed it back into my pocket. Today was my first day of school, but she wasn't here!


I sat myself back down on the couch untill an idea poped into my head. I quickly un-locked my phone and dialed Marcy's number.


"Ring, Ring, Ring..... Hello?" She had finally picked up after a couple of rings. Her voice was bright and happy, but she still sounded some-what like she was still half- asleep. She was never a morning person.


"Hey Marcy, listen I really..." There was no real reason for me to say, 'HEY IT'S TALIA!' I figured she knew who it was. But at the same time, I didn't want to sound annoying, like almost desprete.  But also, knowing her she was bound to interupt me at some point. 


"Oh! HEY GIRL!" She was really yelling, really loudly now. Her whole half- asleep impression on me was gone, completely! Yeah, that's Marcy for ya! Loud, Crazy.


I sighed, and laughed at her enthusiasim so early in the morining, I then rolled my eye's while crossing my arms and plopping myself on the couch, "Hey... okay so my mom isn't home now and I..."


"Oh my gosh! DID SHE DISAPEER? DID THE BOOGY MAN GET HER? WAS SHE KIDNAPPED?!?" She sounded like she was having a panic attack, and that she was going to pass out at the same time.


"OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! MARCY SHUT UP FOR JUST TWO MINUTES! I NEED A RIDE FOR SCHOOL! NOW!" I sighed with a breath of realief, I was now annoyed at her.


She was silent now. It was quiet, Too quiet, Way to quiet to accually have my friend Marcy on the other end. I could only imagine what she was doing now. Oh geez. She's a sicko and I'm not being over dramatic when I say it like that! 


"One sec" was all she said. I heard footsteps through the phone. Then the opening of a door, followed by more footsteps. She was walking out of her room, opening the door and going to talk to her mom. 


"MOM! CAN WE DRIVE TALIA TO SCHOOL NOW? SHE NEEDS A RIDE!" I heard her call down to her mom. See? I told you!


"OKAY! BUT WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!" I heard her mom call back.


"THANKS! LOVE YOU, we'll be at your place in 5" She called back to her mom, then got back on the phone with me. I then heard a click.


I put my phone down on the couch and walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and pulled out the Orange Juice, then I walked over to the cabinit and grabbed a cup. I then waltzed over to the counter and set the cup down. I twisted the cap of the container and poured the juice into the cup. I the lifted it to my mouth and took a small sip. 


I sighed and placed the cup down on the table, grabbed my phone, backpack and my binder and made my way towards the front door. I turned the knob of the front door and pushed the door open. When I made my way out I sat down on the front stoop and placed by bag between my legs and my binder on my lap, while pulling my phone out of my pocket. I un-locked it and checked my messages. Nothing. The only people that every texted me was, Marcy, Beth, Mom, when she finally figured out how to use her phone, Alex & Josh. Yeah, Miss Popularity right here! 


Just then, Marcy and pulled up. She was smiling wide, and I mean really wide. She jumped out of the front seat and ran up to me. I quickly stood up, scared she was going to jump on top of me. I bet you if I didn't get up, she was going to land, right on top of me.


"Hey!" She screeched, her smile still not fading. She was jumping up and down, she wouldn't stop moving.


"Calm down tiger" I laughed while bending over to pick up my bag, and my binder. I rolled my eye's before standing right back up. 


"Where's your enthusiasm?!?" She asked just too loudly. Her smile, still not fading. I sighed with a smile, and shook my head while taking a step forward, "Sorry, but some of us don't like to wake up at 6 am"


I patted her on the top of her head, which was covered with a beanie. She rolled her hazel eye's and ran back to the car while trying to keep her beanie on her head. I then examined her outfit. It was a loose quarter sleeve shirt, that was white, with blue short, shorts and blue sandals. She also wore a White beanie and her hair was curled under it.


I followed behind her while trudging my bag, and feet with me. She hopped into the front seat of the car and slammed the door. I did the same, while hopping in the back seat. I kind of felt like a little kid, sitting in the back of the car.


I looked down at my shoe's, examining them closely. They were my black Vans, my favorite Vans. I then took more notice of the rest of my outfit. I was wearing my black tank-top with my denim vest and my red jeans. My hair was slicked back in a ponytail. I twisted my bracelets around and fixed my big hoop earing. 


"So Talia, how was your summer?" Marcy's mom asked me, interupting my thoughts.


I thought about it, how was my summer. Boring, slow, quiet, hot. Same old stuff. Nothing new. Oh wait! I got a haircut! No, that doesn't count....


"Same as every summer" I laughed while still looking at my shoes. I mean, I'm 'Miss. Popularity' so you can see why I had 'so much fun' going to 'millions' of parties and getting a new 'boyfriend' 'every' week. Just pretend I bent my fingers every time their was a quotation mark, yeah. 


"That's... nice" She fake smiled. She dragged the 'that' and then finished her sentence. I could've sworn I heard Marcy chuckle. She probally did. I looked at the back of her head, I could just imagine that sneaky smile whipped across her face. I raised and eyebrow, and pulled out my phone. I went to my messages and typed a nice message for her.


'ur pure evil I hope u no tat'


I then pressed send and placed a smile on my face. 


"Are you two texting each other agian?!" Marcy's mom exclaimed. She rolled her eye's. "I will never understand teenagers" She mumbled under her breath. 


I smiled, she's right, she never will. 


"Heyyy! right back atcha!" Marcy exclaimed, while fearcfully typing something back. 


'Buzz, Buzz, Buzz' my phone vibrated. "New Text Message from Marcy<3333"


'hey wize guy in front of us.... FRESHMAN COMMIN THROUGH!!! oh yea, we r here!' I laughed, mostly because she's an idiot.


"Yes, I know, I'm a comedian" She chuckled while laughing at her own joke. 


 I rolled my eye's while begining to type back. I looked up from the screen to check where we were. But then I saw it. The school. 


"Welcome to York High" was plastered on a banner and hanging just above the front door of the school. Kid's tried to pile and squish through the small door. Some stood behind while talking to friends. I saw some remembered faces, some new. I didn't see Beth though.


"Bye mom" Marcy said while pushing her phone into her bag and leaning over to give her mom a quick kiss on the cheek.


"Thanks for taking me" I said while smiling at her mom, thanking her for taking me. 


"No problem Talia, anytime, good luck today girls, I'll see you later" She called. 


I slammed the back door and pulled my bag on my back and placed my binder in my arm's, hugging it tight. I looked over at Marcy, she had the look of excitiment and fear in her eye's.


"You okay?" I asked her.


She stared off, but still looking straight foward. She wasn't blinking.  She nodded her head, nervous for words.


I tried to follow her stare and it went all the way to the front door where Aaron, Josh & Adam stood, while Aaron stared right at her, follow by Adam, then Josh. 


I caught Adam's eye. He was staring at me. While both Aaron & Josh stood staring, almost scared, at Marcy. 


I could understand why, I mean we haven't seen them since last month, but seriously how much could one person change in one month?


"Marcy" I nudged her, looking slowly away from them. Now her eye's were full of anger, almost, hurt-like. Confused I looked back at them and saw Aaron attached to another girl, or should I say. I saw Aaron's mouth attached to another girl's mouth, yeah I should say it like that. Josh & Adam were no longer there with him.


I looked back over at Marcy, her eye's sad now. Mine were wide. 


"Marcy, are you-"


"He is soooooooo D-E-A-D!" she exclaimed while still watching them, never even blinking. Her eye's now like fire, or like a bomb, yeah like a ticking time bomb that was about to erupt. 


I looked back over at them, still not moving. 


Oh yeah, she's right, he is D-E-A-D.....




Author's Note


Okay, so i'll be doing one of these things at the end of every chapter....

I'll be adding in my favorite comments or the outfits for the characters!






((Yes i realize that Beth isn't in this chapter but she's in the next one!))



So HEY EVERYONE! my names Taylor and I'm the author!


I'm 12 years old and i love to write! Ialso love to dance & act!


I'll be updating as soon as i can! I'm really busy during the week so expect me to update on weekends or friday!


I love to get comment so leave as many as you like :)


Okay, so what did you think? Ships? Any Suggestions?


Leave me some comments on what your favorite part was! or your favorite character!




This story is based off me & my best friends, Megan, Briana, Anthony, Joe, Tim & Andrew!



Thanks for being so stupid and making me remember all these funny memories :)

You are my inspiration for this story!  & I know that we'll be best freinds forever! :)


---Taylor :)

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