Love Always, Talia

Talia Marson is just your everyday, average, New York, teenage girl, and all she wants is to have a fun High School experience.
Along with some of her best friends from Middle School, Marcy Farro, Beth Yale, Tenner Apper , Josh DeMarco, Alex DeMarco & Aaron Parker.
These friends have gone through everything together & nothing can separate them!
But there's one catch! These friends are all jumbled up in a big love mess.
Talia likes Josh, Marcy likes Aaron, Beth likes Tenner, Tenner likes Marcy, Aaron likes Beth, Alex likes Talia, & finally, Josh, well, the doesn't even know anymore!
Will this bunch make it out of High School alive? or will they tear each other to shread's before Graduation?
Find out in, Love Always,Talia...


3. Meet The Bunch From "Love Always, Talia"




So I figured that I should probably put a little "meet the characters" thingy in here, so I will!


SOOO... MEET THE BUNCH FROM "Love Always, Talia"!!!


Talia Marson Based off ME!

Age- 13 (i have a late birthday OKAY? im the youngest of all of them)

Desription- tall, long brown frizzy/sraitgh hair, deep brown eyes, tan

Personality- (it's werid for me to write about myself) loud, sweet, shy, funny (as my friends say), optimistic, caring, smart (except in math lmaoo)

Crush- (bc, i know, its confusing) Josh

Siblings- 1, annoying, younger brother, AJ


Marcy Farro Based off my friend Megan!

Age- 14

Description- tall, short brown curly hair, hazel eyes, pale 

Personality- loud, crazy, funny, smart, responsible, sarcastic, sweet

Crush- Aaron

Siblings- 1 younger sister


Beth Yale Based off my friend Briana!

Age-  14

Description-  tall, frizzy long blonde hair, blue eyes, pale 

Personality- sweet, quiet, nice, caring, sarcastic, determined, smart

Crush- Trey

Siblings- 1 older brother


Trey Apper Based off my friend Tim!

Age- 14

Description- tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, braces, freckles, pale

Personality- loud, carefree, sweet, caring, funny, honest, trustworthy

Crush- Marcy

Siblings- 1 younger sister


Alex DeMarco Based off my friend Anthony

Age- 14

Description- short, brown eyes, brown hair, braces, pale, athletic

Personality- nice, sweet, funny, quiet, caring, shy

Crush- Talia

Siblings- twin, Josh


Josh DeMarco Based off my friend Joe

Age- 14

Description- short, brown hair, brown eyes, braces, tan, athletic

Personality- loud, crazy, funny, sweet, smart, outgoing

Crush- none

Siblings- twin, Alex


Aaron Parker Based off my friend Andrew

Age- 15 (got left back :( )

Description- tall, shaved brown hair, brown eyes, athletic, braces, tan

Personality- loud, crazy, funny, perverted, nice, outgoing

Crush- Taken by a blonde slut.... >:(

Siblings- older brother



new chapter soon!


ok so, we all dont look 14 or 15 & thats bc were not.

only in the story we are...

i figured it would be more interesting for it to be happening in high school..


as of right now were all almost 13 or 14 and were only in the 7th grade.


right now-- (MAY 2013)

Me- 12

Megan- 13

Briana- 13

Tim- 13

Joe & Anthony- 12

Andrew- 13


im turning 13 in november & joe & anthony are turning 13 in july

i think andrew is turing 14 soon.. idk what month


okk .... SO THATS THE BUNCH FROM "Love Always, Talia"


--Taylor :)

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