Love Always, Talia

Talia Marson is just your everyday, average, New York, teenage girl, and all she wants is to have a fun High School experience.
Along with some of her best friends from Middle School, Marcy Farro, Beth Yale, Tenner Apper , Josh DeMarco, Alex DeMarco & Aaron Parker.
These friends have gone through everything together & nothing can separate them!
But there's one catch! These friends are all jumbled up in a big love mess.
Talia likes Josh, Marcy likes Aaron, Beth likes Tenner, Tenner likes Marcy, Aaron likes Beth, Alex likes Talia, & finally, Josh, well, the doesn't even know anymore!
Will this bunch make it out of High School alive? or will they tear each other to shread's before Graduation?
Find out in, Love Always,Talia...


2. A Mad Marcy & Some Strange Conversation's


Last time on "Love Always, Talia"



"Marcy" I nudged her, looking slowly away from them. Now her eye's were full of anger, almost, hurt-like. Confused I looked back at them and saw Aaron attached to another girl, or should I say. I saw Aaron's mouth attached to another girl's mouth, yeah I should say it like that. Josh & Alex were no longer there with him.


I looked back over at Marcy, her eye's sad now. Mine were wide. 


"Marcy, are you-"


"He is soooooooo D-E-A-D!" she exclaimed while still watching them, never even blinking. Her eye's now like fire, or like a bomb, yeah like a ticking time bomb that was about to erupt. 


I looked back over at them, still not moving. 


Oh yeah, she's right, he is D-E-A-D...





School sucks, I hope you know that. People suck, but only people that don't tell their best friends that they have a new girl friend. Okay, let's be specific now, Aaron sucks. Yeah, he does. She sucks, that bottled blonde beachball. Yeah, she sucks too.


You wanna know who else sucks, Selena Gomez. I've ALWAYS hated her, she's annoying and pretty, and EVERYONE, by that I mean Josh, loves her, so I don't. Once when Josh & Alex came over she came on the TV so Josh was like, "WOW! SHE'S HOT!, then I slapped him, mostly because I was jealous, but it's, mostly, all good now...I think. Now I despise her, she is the devil, along with the bottled blonde bi-. Sorry for my language, I like to curse in my mind, it's more fun that way, then no one can hear me...


"Talia! Marcy!There you guys are!" 


We both turned around to find Beth running towards us in frantic. She looked worried and nervous. "You guys didn't happen to see Aaron anytime today, have you?" She asked us nervous of our answer. Oh yeah, she must have seen them too. I looked over at Marcy, let's let her answer this one. 


She sighed and pointed over to Aaron and the she-devil, that we still haven't met or seen face-to-face yet, and she closed her eye's while doing it, holding in her anger. She was fuming, she must have really liked him. But why didn't he tell us, Maybe he doesn't like us anymore. You never know what goes on in that boys mind. Seriously, he had about as much Inteligence as a corn dog, stratch that a corn dog is smarter then him.  


"Oh... Marcy..." Beth went on. She was the nice one out of us. She was quiet, nothing like Marcy, except when it came to tourchering me, then they were the same.


"I don't care, it's fine, besides he's a di- sorry, butthead anyway..." Marcy went on. She stopped herself from saying something else. She was mad, very, very, mad. I totally understood why, I mean, if Josh got a girlfriend I would be furious! But that probably won't ever happen.


Let's just say that he wasn't you know, gorgeous, but he wan't ugly. He had a baby face and he was short, but just a little bit smaller then me, so it wasn't extremely weird or anything like that. Oh yeah, and his voice hasn't exactly hit puberty yet so he sounds like a 10 year old, girl. Yeah but it looks cute on him. Hey! I bet you if you saw him you would think he's cute, until you hear his, adorable, voice. That makes him less attractive to most girls, but it's better for me then! hehe...


Beth always thought that he looked like a 'little Mexican man' back in 6th grade. Mostly because he was short, he had a mustache, & he was tan, really tan.... Then I got mad at her and would make fun of Trey & his greasy hair. Did I mention he had, long, greasy hair in middle school. Well, he did. What? That's what friends do, tourcher each other until they pull each others hair out. Oh yeah, why would she get mad at me for that? Well, let me just say that BETH YALE LOVES TREY APPER!!! AND HE LOVES HER BACK!! But she won't believe me when I told her. I have evidence to prove it, but she doesn't listen! Okay so....


"Really? You sure about that, because just last week you were madly in love with him and now all of a sudden he's a butthead? You sure?" I asked while raising an eyebrow. She was just saying that now because she was mad. She'll forgive him, eventually. I think.


"Yeah, sorry but I'm with Talia on this one. Obviously you are still ma-" Beth went on with her rant but was stopped.


"Who's a butthead?" I heard the squeaky voice ask. It was high pitched and loud, it was either my baby cousin who's six and escaped from my Aunt's house or Josh & Alex are behind us now. No it's probably Josh & Alex.


For all of you who don't know, Josh & Alex are brothers, twin brother's. I on the other hand think they look nothing alike but Marcy thinks I'm completely wrong about that. I mean, Josh is tan, Alex is pale. Josh is like an inch taller, Alex's voice is way deeper then Joshs. Then, Alex has big teeth and has cooler shoes then Josh, but that's their choice, but still. Then, Josh has bushy eyebrows, well no they both do. Yeah, I think I'm done now. My point, they don't look  alike. Plus, Josh is a lot cuter then Alex.


I turned around and there stood no other then Josh, Alex & Trey. 


Oh what a suprise!


No, nevermind.


"HEY GIRLIES! WHAT IS UP!" Josh & Trey exclaimed while throwing their arms in the air like idiots. They had the biggest smile on their faces. Alex rolled his eye's & shoved Josh's arms down back to his side, but Josh stood them right back up. He was so cute, and stupid, but mostly cute.


We all laughed at their actions, Alex just got red in the face and turned to look away. They always knew how to brighten up our day and make us smile.


"You guys are so stupid" Alex laughed while looking away from them & standing next to Marcy, Beth & I. We laughed at him & how embaresed he was. Poor Alex. He was the normal one of all of us. He was quiet and shy, which was nothing like the rest of us.


"Trey, Josh, please just stop it, your embaressing yourself" Marcy stated while crossing her arms. I nodded while pushing Beth in front of me toward the two bozo's. 


"Oh come on! I just want a hug!" He exclaimed with his arms still in the air.


He was an idiot, not even joking. Trey was my best guy friend out of the boys. I mean, I'm best friends with Alex, Josh & Aaron too, but there was something different about Trey. I could tell him anything and trust that he won't say anything. He would tell me everything too, and if I didn't tell him something, he got mad at me. Really mad. I just never told him that I like Josh, because I figured he would tell him, then EVERYTHING would be all weird and awkward.


The last time the guy I liked found out I liked him, like half the school found out! But the only reason he found out was because these two little demons told him, then the whole class, then the whole school. I mean, then I found out he liked me back, which made it more awkward. We never talked, or even were able to look at each other without the whole class crowding around us and pouring their eye's into out souls.


It sucked.


But now I don't even talk to him anymore, so it doesn't matter.


Okay, so back to this absolutly amazing story that is completely real, might I add... So where was I? Yeah, right...


"Yeah Beth, he just wants a hug" I muttered to her while pushing her toward to him.


She loved him, and she knew it. It's been like this since the 6th grade. She was always crazy about him. I really don't see what there is to like really. He ain't no prize. But anyway, She loved him, he loved her back but they never told each other. It drives me and Marcy CRAZY! I mean it's quite obvious that he likes her, and she doesn't act too normal around him. They're just making it harder for themselves.


I just want to help them! Maybe I should shout to the world, "BETH LOVES TREY!" but then Beth would KILL me. And besides that I like living, and breathing, it's... nice. What? IT IS!


"Would you please" she whispered back fustrated. She stood next to me while placing her feet down on the ground, then crossing her arms like Marcy.


"Please what?" I teased back, while shoving her out of place. She stumbled over her own feet, then stood back up, as if it was all planned. She tried to cover it up, but it didn't work too well. Alex was laughing under his breathe, and so was Trey. Josh wasn't though. Oh come on! I thought it was pretty funny! What? It isn't?


"You okay Beth?" Josh asked while walking a little closer to her. He let out a little smile, his cute adorable little smile.  Wait! Did he just smile at her? and Not me? Ummm excuse me, I'm gunna handle this.


I pushed Beth to the other side of me where Trey was. Josh is mine! I called it! I liked him first! So, in result, he. is. mine. Wow, that's really selfish of me, Oh well! Boo Hoo. Sorry Charile, wait, what did I just say? Nevermind. 


"I ment to do that" She reassured him and the others, so they wouldn't think she's just clumbsy. Even though she is. I don't think her switcheroo helped her too much. It was obvious that she just fell straight out on the spot. Sorry Beth can't help you with this one.


"Sure you did" Marcy said under her breath. Beth looked at her with a dead glare then smacked her arm. Marcy just let out an innocent smile. 


"I hate you both" Beth said under her breath, but with a smile, so the guys didn't hear her say that. 


"Love you too girly" I said while giving her a hug.


"OH COME ON! SHE GETS A HUG AND I DON'T? THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE CRISIS!" Trey exclaimed while pouting like a 2 year old.


"Give it a break dude, your not getting a hug" Alex said while patting him on the back.


"And besides that Trey, no one likes you" Marcy stated with a truthful smile. Then a little chuckle.


"Thanks Marcy for those, kind words" Josh laughed.


"Exuse me?" Marcy went to go jump on top of Josh for making fun of her. She was like that. If you upset her then she was bound to erupt and attack you with full force. No joke. 


"RINGGGGGGGG!" the bell screamed.


It made the guys jump out of their shoes. It woke Marcy, Beth & I up a little.


"Saved by the bell, my little friend" Beth said while patting Josh on the head and laughing. Josh gave her a fake smile, like almost saying "oh thnaks for you concern" but sarcasrically. 


That was good one! You have to admit.


"They really need to make that stupid bell less loud. i mean, really" Josh complained as he pushed himself toward the door. I let out a little giggle. He was so  stupid sometimes. But in a cute way. 


"Yeah! I'm with ya buddy!" Trey said while slinging an arm around Josh's shoulder. Alex just shook his head while putting his hand on his forehead in embaressment. 


"Come on you idiots" Marcy said while pushing them toward the door. Beth followed behind her, then I did.


I tugged myself toward the door while following behind the 2 idiots, Alex, Marcy & Beth. We made our way close to the door. I was pushed in between Marcy, Beth & some strangers. I hated being so close to people. I get clostrophobic sometimes. Yeah, I'm weird like that. DON'T JUDGE ME!


We had finally made it in the building without me having a complete panic attack, because I was so close to strange people. I had to take in my surroundings. There was a huge banner once you walked in that said "Welcome to York High". I was here, I was really here. I was walking into High School next to some of my best friends. I really didn't believe it! 


I was then shoved into the wall by someone. It happened so fast I barely felt it. 


"Oh, I'm sorry, Wait, Talia?" 


I knew that voice.


I remember that voice.


No, It can't be.


It's not.




It;s the voice of the person I least wanted to talk to right now. It's someone who was betrayed us. A trader. My old friend.












I hate my life.


It's Aaron.


It's Aaron's voice.


Oh crap.


Author's Note


Hello my sexy peoples!






If you want a nice long chapter then you will just have to wait! 


Ships? Favorite Part? Line? Character?




Also read my other story "Devil" THANKS!!


Dedicated to my best friends, Megan, Briana, Anthony, Joe, Tim & Andrew!



-Taylor :)

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