Unexpected tweet

Jackie is a normal 17 year old girl who is a fan of one direction. what will happen when she gets a tweet from someone named "mycurls19". it will change her life for ever! For the better.


1. the tweets

Jackies pov.


"Jackie come down here your phone beeped!" jade yelled from the kitchen.

"I'm coming, im coming" i said jogging down the stairs. Jade is my best friend we've known each other since 3rd grade. "what?" i asked

"oh your phone beeped or something i dont know its on the table"jade answered. I walked to the table and grabbed my phone and unlocked it, i had gotten a notification that i got a new follower on twitter.i opened twitter and followed back someone named 'mycurls19'. I was scrolling threw my feed when 'mycurls19' sent me a message.

@mycurls19 @jackie_styles hey nice user name!:) you must like harry styles.

I answered back

@mycurls19 yea i love him with like all my HEART! <3

seconds later my phone buzzed again.

@Jackie_styles yea he looks like a really nice lad!

@mycurls19 yes he is he's really cute! OK I'm lying he's really hot!


Harry's pov.

So earlier today me and the lads where at our hotel room i was on the bed on twitter when i found a girl named 'Jackie_styles'  and once i saw what she looked like I was hypnotized, i mean her smile was just gorgeous and the way her dark brown hair framed her face so perfectly it was amazing!

"hey what you got there harry?" Louis asked snatching my phone away.

"Lou give me my phone back!" I demanded.

"I think Harry likes this girl Jackie" he said to all the lads

"I do not i don't even know her"i said

"Harry its OK if you do, she is pretty fit." Liam said

"FIT? shes a hotty!" Niall exclaimed while taking the phone away from Liam.

"Your right"Louis agreed "well as long as you don't like her i think I'm going too"he said to me.

"NO, i mean I don't like her." i said a little to fast.

"Oh my gosh mate, we all know you fancy her, you were drooling when you were looking at her pictures."Zayn said.

"OK maybe i do kinda like her, but i barely know her."I admitted

"I knew it!" Louis exclaimed.

"yea whatever" i said.


i unlocked my phone and saw that it was a tweet from Jackie.

@mycurls19 so whats your name?

I don't know if i should tell her my real name or if i should make up a name. I think I'll make one up at least for now maybe later i could tell her that its actually me.

@Jackie_styles I'm sorry I'm nick

@mycurls19 oh well hello Nick:) how old are you?

@Jackie_styles 19 hbu?

@mycurls19 oh yea i should of known your username has 19 in it, I'm 17 lol

@Jackie_styles hahaha so Jackie who is 17 i don't mean to sound like a stalker but where do you live?

@mycurls19 its OK :D I live in a kinda smallish town in Maryland hbu??

@Jackie_styles oh that's cool i live in Holmes chapel its in the UK.

@mycurls19  oh your British! i love British accents!

@Jackie_styles yup and proud of it!

@mycurls19 well that's cool! I'm sorry i have to go its been nice talking to you! Maybe we can talk some more tomorrow?

@Jackie_styles same to you, and yes maybe tomorrow.bye

It felt like my heart broke i don't know why, i really liked talking to her it made me like her a whole lot more!!

2 weeks later

Jackie's pov.

So things with me and Nick have been really good! Actually he is in D.C now and we are going to meet in person on valentines day which is tomorrow! I think i may have some feelings for him.

"Jade!!!!!" I yelled

"what?!" she asked coming in my room

"Help me pick something cute to wear tomorrow for when i see Nick." I said.

"OK fine oh and can i do your hair and makeup tomorrow?"  she asked

"yess!!" i said, she is really good with hair and makeup.

1 hour later

We finally agreed on something dark blue ripped skinny jeans and a rue 21 shirt that had a flower on it and red flats. IT looked really good. Jade did a side fishtail braid for my makeup she put mascara, eyeliner, cover, a little blush and eye shadow. I gotta admit i looked hot!

"there your all done, now go find that nick!" jade said walking me to the door. I grabbed my keys,purse and phone and was out.


Harry's pov.

I'm really nervous right now i mean how is she going to react when she finds out that I'm harry styles and not some Nick guy? right now I'm waiting at a park where all the museums are in Washington D.C. I was looking in the crowd of people hoping that no one will recognize me when i saw her. She looked stunning, i started walking towards her and tapped her on her shoulder when she turned around and saw who i was she looked surprised.

"Are you Jackie?" I  asked.

"Uhh. y-yes" she stuttered "How do you know my name?" she asked curiously.

"I-I'm Nick from twitter" i said

"Wait what?!" she asked kinda shocked

"I didn't know how you would of reacted if i told you that i am Harry styles."i said

"Oh my gosh this is so embarrassing." she said looking at the ground "All the things i said about you."

"NO its ok don't feel bad, i'm actually glad you said what you did."i said putting my finger on her chin and lifting it to see her eyes. she blushed when i did that. I walked her over to a park bench and we sat down.

"I did mean what i said to you on twitter the part that i love you with all my heart."she said

"hahaha"i chuckled "Jackie ever since i saw your face on twitter I knew that i needed you that you were the 'one' for me, I know we've only just met but but i need you in my life, i need you, so Jackie will you be my valentine? i asked as i took her hand in mine.

she hesitated but finally said

"y-yes, i would love to be your valentine" she said.

With that i leaned in and kissed her passionately, she didn't back away it caught her by surprise but finally kissed back and our lips moved in sync. We finally broke the kiss and the sun was setting.

"happy valentines day" i said she chuckled and we kissed again but this time with more passion and we got some tongue action in too.

The end!!


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Thanks love Jackie











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