Forever and Always Isn't Sooo Bad

when a young girl of 18 (Alice-Rose) and her best friends (Sydney and Mary-Kate) are invited by her father (tour manager of 1D) to go on tour with them trouble starts when they fall despratly in love with Niall, Liam, and Harry! what will happen to these three friends when true love and jealious ex-boyfriends fight? read to find out!!!!


17. weiredest day of our lives


Today was Mary-Kate and Harry's wedding in Vegas! We all desided to take seperate trips. I still remeber the proposal.

*Flash back!*

"Mary-Kate, you are the most important thing in my life! I can't imagen my life without you! So i would like to ask you to give me the extreme pleasure of marring me?" Harry asked down on one knee and pulled out a ring with a huge dimand on top. Alice was crying so i walked up behind her and wrapped my arms aroud her waist. she looked up and smled. she snuggled into me and we stood ther watching as MK said yes and Harry slipped the ring around her finger. It was very romantic! to put the iceing on the cake, the engaged boys, Harry, Louis, Liam, and me, got matching tatoos of the date and a picture of the rings we gave them on our chests. Alice was next to me the whole time holding my hand with a huge smile on her face. it hurt alot! but with Alice there it didn't hurt as much.

*Flash back ends!*

Alice and i walked up stairs and she got into the shower. i looked for my clothes so i could change easly. i layed them on the bed and Alice walked in with a towl on. i smiled and walked into the bathroom. i took a fast shower and put a towl around my waist. i walked into our room to see her in a bra and a pair of jean shorts. i closed the door behind me and she turned around. she smilied and continued to look for a shirt. i put on my underwear and jeans then i walked up to her and spun her around. she fell into me. she laughed and stood up i just held her tight and kissed her. she was taken aback at first but then she pulled me closer and started to play with my hair. i slowly opened my eyes to see her blushing and happy. i closed my eyes again and wrapped my arms tight around her waist. i pulled as close i could and she did a little jump and wrapped her legs around my waist. i smiled and carried her to the bed. she pulled away and looked into my eyes. "what's wrong?" I asked and she kept looking into my eyes. she was searching for something. something that she was desperate to find. i smiled and kissed her. she slowly kissed me back and i placed her on the bed. i stood up and layed next to her. "I love you," She finally said and i pulled her close to me. "I love you more," i said into her ear. she turned to me and kissed me. "I love you most," she said and i kissed her. i pulled her so she was so close i could feel her heart beat next to mine. she broke off and layed her head on my chest. we stayed like that for 30-40 mins and then we got dressed. once we were dressed we went down stairs and desided to take a walk around the park. we got bored after a long time so we went to the ice cream shop and got milkshakes. once we finished those we went to a store and bought a bunch of candy and junk food. alice looked threw the movies and found this movie called A Knights Tale. we bought it and headed home. we desided to order a pizza and have a movie night. just us two. once we got home i got the movie ready and she ordered the pizza. we desided on a sawsage and half with mushrooms. once we were all ready she came into the room and walked over to where i was sitting. "The pizza's ordered," she said and she put a pillow on my lap. she placed her head on my legs and turned to the tv. it was 20 mins into the movie when the pizza arived. "give me 20,"she said getting up. i gave her my last 20 and she walked to the door.

*alice* the pizza

i walked to the front door with a 20 and opened the door without looking into the peep hole. big mistake. the pizza guy was the facing the other way at his car and i turned to see if niall was behined me but i didnt see him. when i turned back around the pizza guy was right infront of me. i jumped back and saw it was chad. "niall!" I screamed and he jumped up and ran into the hall. once he saw us he walked to us and pulled me behind him. chad gave him a stare down and i took the pizza from his hands. i ran to the room with the tv set it on the tabel and ran back into the hallway. when i came back they were fighting. i ran to them and yanked them apart. once they were seperated i pushed chad out of the house and locked the door. i turned to niall. he had a small river of blood running down from his noes, his shirt was ripped showing his abs, his hair was messed up and worst of all he looked sad and wouldnt look me in the eyes. i placed my hand on his cheek untill he looked at me. "What's wrong?" i asked but he started to walk away. i grabbed his arm and walked around him so i was blocking his way. i placed both of my hands on his cheeks. i pulled him into a kiss. i softly placed my lips on his and opened my eyes. he had his closed and he pulled me in. i broke off and looked him in the eyes. i searched for that one thing i wanted to see despretly. he smiled and it hppened. an image. of the future. our future. i smiled and kissed him. whenever he smiles i see a piece of our love come together.

*authers note*

hey people! im back!!!!! thanks for reading and everything. sorry for the sudden leave but things happened. hearts broke. freinds were regained. it was crazy! so just wanna say im sorry and i hope u like! <3 published 12:35pm july 21,2013

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