Forever and Always Isn't Sooo Bad

when a young girl of 18 (Alice-Rose) and her best friends (Sydney and Mary-Kate) are invited by her father (tour manager of 1D) to go on tour with them trouble starts when they fall despratly in love with Niall, Liam, and Harry! what will happen to these three friends when true love and jealious ex-boyfriends fight? read to find out!!!!


13. The ring


I had a seacret and Alice could tell. She looked at me in a i-know-you-are-keeping-a-secret look. I looked away. I didn't want her to find out. I just pulled her along. "Oh and by the way Happy Birthday Alice!" I said hugging her. " OMG! How did you know that!" She said hugging me back. MK was the answer, but i just remebered she told me when we where driving to the carnavel on our first date. "MK and our first date," i said looking at her. She had forgoten about the secreate. Thank GOD! We walked out into the backyard and Zayn was there. He looked up and put something behind his back. I was able to see a small saitin box and i knew what it was. He stole my present! My secrete! Oh no! He found it! I gave him a look and he looked away. "Zayn!" I said and he looked up. he got down on one knee. He looked up at alice and pulled out the clada ring i had bought for her. real silver and 5 karots dimand in the shape of a heart. I watched him propose to her. "Zayn! Why did you steal my ring and then propose to the girl i love!?" I yelled and he smiled. "I thought Alice might change her mind," He said. "What do you say Alice?" He asked. "Umm," She said. "Alice?" I asked."Listen Zayn. I don't love you alright!" She said turning red. She was getting mad. "FINE!" He said and he through my ring into the pool. I ran after it. i dove in and grabbed the ring. It was alright. i swam up for a breath of air. Alice was at the edge of the pool. "Niall!" She yelled and she was on her knees. "What's wrong Niall? It's just a ring!" She yelled and i swam to her. she placed her hands on my cheecks. "Why did you go for the ring?" She asked and i pulled myself out of the pool. i walked her to the padio and got down on one knee. "I Bought the ring just so i could ask you to be mine for the rest of my life. Will you make me the happiest man in the world and become my wife?" I asked looking up at her. She was speachless and then she crouched down and put her face in her hands and started to shake. "OMG YES YES YES!" She screamed and attack hugged me. she was crying really hard. Oh my God! Im engaged. IM ENGAGED! I hugged her and she cryed. She looked at me and smiled. She pulled me in and we kissed. i felt the cold electricity run through my vains. She kissed me passionaly and when we parted i sliped the wet clada onto her finger. she smilied. She told me once that she had always wanted a clada ring. she had one once but it grew too small. She held me close and whispered in my ear, "Don't tell anyone! I do't want Zayn to find out and tell my dad." "That makes sence," I said and she nodded. She pulled away and stood up. We walked into the house and i took a quick shower. when i got out i walked into my room and Alice was there. Thank God for the towl around my waist. "Anything wrong?" I asked sitting next to her. "When and how are we going to get married?" She asked looking at me. "We'll find out later," I said hugging her. "Today lets have the greatest May 27 ever!" I said and she smiled. tonight was a bigger suprize!

*Authers Note* 

hey so today i posted a really mean bit of sarcasum. And i wanted to say im really sorry mk that was really mean and embarrising and i just said that because u made fun of my spelling. you all should know that im really sensitive about my spelling because i could never spell. i was always teased about it. so i just wanted to say im really really sorry about embarising you online but i was really hurt when u made fun of my spelling. to everyone else i am sorry for mistakes and im being yelled at for staying up late. bye

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