Forever and Always Isn't Sooo Bad

when a young girl of 18 (Alice-Rose) and her best friends (Sydney and Mary-Kate) are invited by her father (tour manager of 1D) to go on tour with them trouble starts when they fall despratly in love with Niall, Liam, and Harry! what will happen to these three friends when true love and jealious ex-boyfriends fight? read to find out!!!!


5. SLEEP OVER!!!!!!!!!


We all started to talk ans talk and talk but I wasn't paying attention. Niall noticed how I was nerves and not really into the conversation. "What's wrong love?" He whispered in my ear. "Im just a little scared that Chad will come back for me," I whispered back. He thought about it for a minute while the others were talking about the tour. "Come stay at ourhouse!" He whispered. "I don't know," I said. "Common. Please?"He said. That cute Irish accent got to me once again. "Fine I'll ask my dad," I said. "Yes!" He said a little too loud. Everone stared at us and my phone rang. "Hey my dad's callin'," I said taking this as an escape. I answered my phone and ran into the other room. "Hello?" I said. "Hey honey I was just wondering how things were going over there?" He said. "Oh pretty good, but Chad came and something bad happened," I said. "What happened?" He asked concerned. I explained everything. I told him about how Niall and I were on a date (Not everything of corse). I told him about the flowers and about how I was fine now. Finally I got to the present. I was now at Niall's idea. "Daddy," I said as sweet as I could possibly manage. "Can Mary-Kate, Sydney, and I sleep over at the boy's house?" "Well you might aswell get used to living with them. Sweetheart ask them if you could stay the week because first of all you need to get used to it and secondly I'm going to be away for 2 weeks," He said.  "Oh! Okay! Thanks Dad!" I said. "Love you Bye!" I said and hung up. When I walked back in everyone wanted the answer to the sleep over idea. Thanks alot Niall. "Well?" Harry said unpatiantly. "He wanted to know if we could stay a week!" I said and they jumped up. Niall came over to me and kissed me and my body went weak. I wraped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He lifted me into the air and I wrapped my legs around him. I opened his mouth and he held me closer. When we parted I huggd him. He's so cuddly! "I love you," he whispered in my ear and I kissed his neck. He went weak and let a soft moan slip from his lips. Thank God that everyone was still jumping up and down. "Nice," I whispered in his ear and I heard him chuckle. "We better go get packed up!" I said slowly pulling away. when I untangled my legs Niall protested. He held me in the air and wouldn't let go."Niall let go," I said rubbing his cheek. "Now I'll never let u go," He said pulling me closer. He kissed me once than gave me a sneeky smile. He then slung me over his shoulder and started to run when MK decided to chase him. I kicked and pounded my fists on his back. "LET ME GO!" I yelled in a fit of laughter. When he ran around the couch for the second time, he passed Harry who grabbed MK and did the same thing to her. We were in a fit of laughter as they ran side by side. "If you're gonna keep this up you might aswell go up stairs and pack for us," I said crossing my arms. "Okay! Lets go Harry!" Niall said running up the stairs. I had to push away from him to make sure my head didn't hit his back repeativly. "Wich room?" Niall asked when he entered the hallway. "The one that says Alice on it," I said with an are-you-really-that-dumb tone. "Well aren't you fighsty! I must be honest, I'm a little turned on," He said. "Well then turn off," I said with a smile. Once he was in my room, he layed me on the bed and  started to grab a bag from my closet. He then turned to me. "What do you want me to do?" He asked with that accent. "Get my PJ's from my drawer and I'll pass you things to fold," I said getting up but oIdly I found myself being pushed up agenst the wall by Niall. I felt him open my mouth and I found myself pulling him closer. Just then I realized that I still had his jacket on. I took it off and helped him into it. He then zipped us up in it once more and I was at peace. I placed my hands on his chest and he pulled me even closer. I felt my heart start to race. I felt his heart beat faster and faster and faster, but then a noice came from outside the door. Harry! I forgot already! Niall quickly unziped us and helped me into the jacket. As Harry walked in with mk over his shoulder, Niall and I were by my closet looking for some clothes to pack. "I think I want you to pack this," Niall said pulling a tubetop I had worn for a brodway consert in the 10th grade. "I dont think so," I said throwing it back into my closet. "Niall go and start to fold this," I said handing him 3 pairs of skinny jeans. I then handed him three shrits and two tangtops. I then grabbed a pair of bookcut jeans and passed them to him. Four pairs of jeans would be enough intill I saw them. I saw my favoret red skinny jeans that I lost a mouth ago. "Oh my gosh! MK! Look!" I said holding up the jeans. She straitened her spine out and turned her head. "Omg. Is that?" She said smiling. "It is!" I said while doing a little jump. I thrusted them at Niall and said, "Pack it now!"  He took them from me and folded them. He placed it in the bag and sighed. "Done. Anything else?" He asked. "One more thing I said throwing him my Mickey Mouse tangtop and shorts. "Oh I almost forgot, bring your bathing suite," Niall said looking at me. "Okay, well I can handle it from here!" I said grabbing the bag and ran to the bathroom. I grabbed a few important girl items needed and some makeup. I then walked to the hall closet and grabbed my red and black bakini. I put it into my bag and Niall supised me with a hug. I jummped and his arms held me closer. "Ready?" He asked with his head on my shoulder. "I think so," I replied and turned around. He kissed me and I relaxed. Tonight was going to be the best night of my life!

*Authers Note*

heyyy!!!!! i just wanted to say that im really happy MK and Syd aren't the only ones reading this and thankyou for giving me a chance! i realize that im not that great with grammer and spelling but im trying my best and thanks soooooo much for faving my book it means alot to me!!!!! if u think Niall and harry should be more flurtatious just say and dont forget to comment like or even fave!!! btw mk is bugging me and so im kinda typing fast so sorry for any mistakes!!! bookworm27 out peace love and carrots!!!!!

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