Forever and Always Isn't Sooo Bad

when a young girl of 18 (Alice-Rose) and her best friends (Sydney and Mary-Kate) are invited by her father (tour manager of 1D) to go on tour with them trouble starts when they fall despratly in love with Niall, Liam, and Harry! what will happen to these three friends when true love and jealious ex-boyfriends fight? read to find out!!!!


9. Me and Harry day! (Mary-Kate)


"Let's have an us day!" Harry said to me once I had changed after my shower. He was probibly waiting for me to get out of the bathroom. "Alright! What do you want to do?" I asked walking down stairs. He followed while he thought. "Lets go for a swim and then just hang out. Niall and Alice will be gone all day and Sydney, Liam, Louis, and Eleanor are going to be at the movies. Zayn is off to get a hair cut somewhere so we're pretty much alone," He said and I thought about it. Alone. In a flat. With Harry Styles. When did my dream becom reality?! I changed once again into my bikini. I had a cute blue and white stiped top and a short skirt on bottom. When I ran outside to the pool Harry was already there. He had on a pair of blue trunks with a black stripe on the side. He jumped into the pool and laughed when he came up for air. I ran to the edge of the pool and dove in. I swam to where he was and jumped up. He held my waist while I took a breath.  Once I had caught my breath he kissed me passionaly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He slowly opended my mouth and I wanted to stay like this forever. He pulled me as close as he could and I twisted my fingers in his wet curly hair. This was perfect. Once we parted he smiled. "I love you Mary-Kate," He said and I froze. He had never told me he loved me. He soon realized what he had said and froze himself. I stared into his beautiful green eyes and waited for him to say anything. When he didnt I realized just how madly I was in love with him. I hugged him tightly and didn't let him go. He slowly unfroze and hugged me back. "I love you too Harry!" I  said and he pulled away. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. "Do you mean it?" He asked me. "Only if you do," I said with a smile. "Oh so you do love me!" he said and I smiled. I kissed him and pulled him close. He opened my mouth and I felt his hot breath in my mouth. We kissed for around 10 mins. Once we parted we played around for a bit and we jumped in the pool a few times untill we were tryed. We desided to go inside to take a shower and get changed. I ran upstairs and took a 20 min, shower. Once I was changed he jumped into the shower and I went to his room. I used his miorror to fix my make-up and put on lip gloss. Once I was all ready I walked down sairs and into the kitchen. I got a drink of water and leaned agenst the counter. Does he really love? Am I just imagining all of this? But he said he loved me! I want him to mean it! I desided to get it out of him for real. he soon entered the kitchen in a pair of skinny jeans, a opened plad shirt and a black undershirt. He walked to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I stil had the glass I my hands. "Do you really love me?" I asked and his expresion changed form happy to sad instently. "Of corse I ment it! Im in love with you and I want you to love me back! I want to steal your heart and love it forever," He said a little hurt. I set the glass down smiling and wrapped ,my arms around his neck. "You can't steal my heart when you alredy have it," I said and I kissed him. We kissed for around 5 mins, and then we went into the livingroom. We sat down on the couch and talked about our lives. I told him about Alice and Sydney. I told him about how we met and how we became friends. I told him about our fights over random things and about how we always stayed with eachother. I told him about Alice's problems when she was younger. About how she was treated and called emo. I told him a story about when Alice almost cut herself with plastic when she didn't even know it. Luckly she realized what she was doing before anything went wroung. He told me about his sisters and his mom. He told me funny stories about himself when he was younger. He listened to my problems and stories and I listened to his. We finally stopped talking when Louis, Eleanor, Liam and Sydney walked in, We looked up and they waved. "Hey! What have you guys done today?" I asked looking at Syd. "We saw a movie and then whent shopping for some things we need tonight," She said walking to the kitchen and placing the bags on the table. We talked about our day for a liile while untill Louis and Eleanor became quite busy. When they started making out it was unpleasent to watch but soon w all joined in! Wow today was amazing!

*Authers note*

heyyyyy!!!!! sorry its late! im staying at my grandmas tonight because my family has to go somewhere early in the morning and im not invited. (Not like i want to) so im up late typing for you guys! well this chapter is deticated to my bff Mary-Kate who wrote just say yes and the husband games so check them out their really good!!! well sorry for any mistakes and love ya sis! bookworm27 out! peace love and carrots!!!! 1D forever!

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