Forever and Always Isn't Sooo Bad

when a young girl of 18 (Alice-Rose) and her best friends (Sydney and Mary-Kate) are invited by her father (tour manager of 1D) to go on tour with them trouble starts when they fall despratly in love with Niall, Liam, and Harry! what will happen to these three friends when true love and jealious ex-boyfriends fight? read to find out!!!!


12. Friends or Foes? (Part two)


I was in the middle of a stare down with Jane when MK and Harry walked into the kitchen. "Wow. Who are you?" Harry asked and MK looked at her. "You're my doopleganger!" MK said steping back. "No shit Sherlock!" She said with an attitude. "Don't be that way, Babe," Zany said and I turned to him. "Zayn, GET A LIFE!" I screamed and stormed out.  I heard Zayn call after me, "I DID!" "NOT A VERY GOOD ONE!" I screamed and he walked to me. He looked at me and pinned me to the wall. "What are you doing?" I asked leaning as far back as possible. "Something I should of done a long time ago," He said and he kissed me. I scwirmed and moved. He wouldn't let go. Tears streamed down my face. I tryed to push him away but he held me closer. he finally let me breath. Big mistake. I screamed. He tryed to stop me but i bit him and screamed louder. "NIALL! HELP ME!" I screamed and zayn kissed me again. I bit him as hard as i could and saw niall run in. He pulled Zayn off me and i took a breath. I looked up just in time. Niall punched Zayn who fell to the floor. Jane walked in and laughed. "I never really liked you," She said and then Harry and MK walked in. They both stared at Zayn. Just then Syd and Liam camme down the stairs and stoped half way through. "What the hell is going on?!" Liam said running down stairs with Sydney at his heels. "Zayn got a girlfriend and then kissed mine!" Niall said staring at Zayn who hadden't moved. Just then i saw his eyes where closed. "Niall. I think you knocked him out," I said looking at Zayn. "Oh. Well then good," Niall said. "I love it when boys fight over me!" Jane said and we turned to her. "Who said they where fighting for you," MK said looking at her in discust. "If not me then who? You? Please!" She said and MK looked like she was about to punch her. i wanted to. "I was talking about Alice, Genius!" MK said pointing at me. "Oh please! Shes worst than you!" Jane said laughing. "Oh believe it girl!" Niall said with a laugh and wrapping his arms around me. I smiled at Jane. "It's true! Zayn said he was in love with me just last night!" I said and Jane turned red with anger. "WHAT! NO! NEVER! IM THE ONE EVERYONE FALLS FOR!" She screamed and I laughed. "Not today," I said. she turned to me and grabbed Niall. She kissed him and he pusshed her. She held him closer. I pushed them apart and slaped her. She punched me back and stormed out. I felt blood trickle down next to my right eye. i ran to the bathroom stumbling. I locked the door and slid down the door. "Honey, Let me in," Niall said. "I don't know," I said and he pressed himself upto the door. "Please. Alice. Just me," He said. I got up and pulled him in. He hugged me and i cryed into his shoulder. "WHY IF MY LIFE GETTING SO AMAZING AND THEN IT GOES DOWN THE DRAIN!" I yelled. I loved Niall and she comes in and acts like everyone loves her! She's just lucky I didn't kill her. Niall sang Isn't She lovely and I cryed. once he finished the song he looked at me. "That's our song. And that song tells me that i cant live without you. If I was brave enough I would be down on one knee right now," He said and i smiled. "If i hadmore money i would do the same," I said and he laughed.  I hugged him and he swayed a bit. i flowed along with him and i felt him  smile. "Am I really that hot?" Niall said and i laughed. "No you are increadibly sexy! Why do you ask?" I Asked a little concerned. "Jane just tried to makeout with me and you made her lip bleed," He said with a laugh. "Don't remind me," I said and hugged him. i then let go and cleaned my cut. well technoloy i told Niall wat to do while he cleaned it. It stung like crazy but stoped when Niall kissed me. i felt electricity run throough my veins. my heart started to pound. i felt like flying. when we finally parted i hugged him. "I Love you," He said. "I love you too," i replied. I finally unlocked the door and checked the time. I was 2:00 pm! Niall gave me a look. He was hiding something. The question is What was it?

*Authers Note*

Hey so i know that i didnt post for a while but my sis got surgery and i had to take care of her. dont worry she doin just fine! poor me :(. jk. so i will post soon and sorry for any mistakes my mom said if i dont go to bed soon im in trouble so no time to check spelling! Gtg! i will post soon!

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