Forever and Always Isn't Sooo Bad

when a young girl of 18 (Alice-Rose) and her best friends (Sydney and Mary-Kate) are invited by her father (tour manager of 1D) to go on tour with them trouble starts when they fall despratly in love with Niall, Liam, and Harry! what will happen to these three friends when true love and jealious ex-boyfriends fight? read to find out!!!!


3. curly passion


After the two love birds left and after I stoped puking in my mouth I got kinda lonely. Thinking about lonelyness made me think about a song I once sang in the seventh grade called On My Own from Les Mes. I reameber seeing that movie and crying my eyes out it was soo sad. I was really bored so I looked through my contacts and saw Harry. "Heyyy!!!! wanna come over im all alone!!!!-MK" I texted him. In a mater of seconds he replied,"Be ther in a bit!!-Harry" I then got  a text from my old friend Sydney. "Hey can i stay over? Parents out of town and dont trust me-Syd" I texted Syd's text to Alice and she just said "Fine! leave me alone!!-A" Well then. I texted harry and Syd to come over then I texted harry to bring Liam. He agreed and Syd arived mins later with a sleeping bag and a backpack. We hugged and I told her the situation. She screamed when I said Liam and Harry was coming over. "By the way where's Alice?" Syd asked looking around. "She's on a date!" I said excited. "It better not be with that jerk Chad!" Syd said turning red with anger. "Nope. She's out with Niall!" I said. She was taken aback by this.  After a min I knew she had prossesed it and she started to jump up and down sceaming. We herd a knock on the door. I opened it to Harry and Liam. Harry walked in and pecked my cheeck. I blushed. "Well Ello there Love. And who is this?" Harry asked  me when saw Sydney. "Im Sydney," She said smiling. Liam looked frozen at Syd. Uh oh. He fell for her already?! Harry noticed too but decided not to push it. I invited Liam in and introduced the two to eachother. I followed Harry into the kitchen where I was suprised with an amazing kiss. He pussed me across the floor and cornered me agenst the counter. He moved his hands down to my waist a picked me up. He sat me down on the counter and I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him closer. I felt his lips force my mouth open. I liked how daring Harry could be. I started to twist my fingers in his hair. I felt his hands go up and down my back. Luckly he understood not to go to far. He kept hands on my clothes and exposed skin. Nothing else. He was really sweet. I couldn't breath. Harry pulled away and hugged me trying to get his heart to slow down. I could feel my heart racing right next to his own. I huggged him. When I pulled away and looked at him we let out forehead touch. I couldn't bealieve it. I had just made out with Harry Styles. "Mary-Kate?" Harry asked looking at me with those beautiful green eyes. "Yes?" I asked as my heart stoped. "Will you be mine? Will you please be mine and only mine? My girl?" He asked. I looked into his eyes. Was he asking me to be his girlfriend? Well Yeah! No dought about it! "Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I asked him. he smiled. "I guess I am!" He said a little excited and scared. "Yes! Harry!" I said hugging him really tightly! I pulled away and kissed him. I felt his mouth open mine once more. I twisted and tangled my fingers into his perfect hair. I pulled him in as close as I could. He pulled me closer and closer until we could feel eachothers heart racing. I was in love with this boy and he knew it.


When MK left the room Liam stared at me like I was a prized possetion of his. I held out my hand and he shook it, but he didn't let go. I stared into his perfect eyes and he pulled me in closer from my hand. He then kissed me and I wated to faint. I kissed him back passionaly. I felt my mouth open with his. his hot breath entered mine. I felt my face turn pink. I didn't care. I let him decide on what to do. He pushed me into the wall trapping me. I just moved my fingers in and out of his hair and rubbing his cheeck. I felt his hands move to my waist and pulling me even closer. OMG!!!! I was out of air when he finally let me breath. his head was on the resting on the wall. "Im sorry, Sydney," He said in a hushed whisper. I pulled his lips to mine. I softly let our lips touch and they moved in unison. I slowly pulled away and smiled. "I liked it alot! You have just compleated my life long dream," I whispered into his ear. I felt him chuckle and slowly he came to face me. He smiled his beautiful smlie. "I want you to be mine," He said looking me in the eyes. "You can't get what you already have," I said and kissed him softly and he held me as close as he could. When we finally pulled away we kissed a quick peck around three or four times. This boy was amazing!!!! I held him close and we just hugged eachother there and rocked back and forth on our heals. MK and Harry walked in holding hads and we looked at them. They stoped and stared at us we parted and stared back. They smiled and continued to the coauch. Harry placed his arm around MK's shoulders and she layed her head on his chest. She winked at me and kissed Harry right where his neck and chin meet. Liam grabbed my hand and winked. He walked me to the coauch and did the same as Harry did. I placed my head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head. Electricity ran trough my vaines. I closed my eyes and calmed down. when I opened them there was a knock at the door. I checked the time on my phone. It was 9:00. I thought it might be Alice and Niall, but my phone vibrated and I got a text from Alice. "On our way!!! Keep it to pg when we arive please!!!!!!!-A" She said it jockingly but it was a good warning. MK looked at me and we got up. We walked to the door and I opened it. There stood none other than Chad. "Hey ladies is Alice here?" He asked us and we rolled our eye. Next thing I knew Harry and Liam was there arms crossed and everything behind us. "Everthing ok here?" Liam asked. I could her a little bit of anger in his voice. "Ummmm.. I think we can handle this? Dont you agree MK?" I said a little happy. I daydreamed I was beatting him up. He had gone out with Alice and Myself at the same time. "What?  Did you only come for her? No one else, because I hear there is a girl just a year younger lives just nextdoor?" I asked. There was a flash, a pain, a scream, and me falling. When I opened my eyes I felt blood leaking from my lips. Did Chad just slap me. Yes yes he did. I jumped out of Liam's arms and punched him in the eye. I had given him a blackeye. MK then kicked him in right in his little speacial part. I slamed the door in his face and felt my cut. Liam turned me and examended my lip. He hugged me close and whispered in my ear, "That's my beautiful girl!" When he let me go he lead me to the bathroom and then cleaned my cut. This was going to be the best week of my life.

*Authers Note*

hey guys its 12:15 and im wide awake for u guys. i just want to say thankyou too two speacial people!! Sydney and Mary-Kate!!!! they are my two best friends in the world and this is their chapter. i wrote this with their fave 1D boys and their personalities!!! and i am really bad at spelling!!! U two are The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 u guys!!! ok well im sorry if i messed up on anything and comment, like, fav, and request anything or any opinions are great!!!!!!!!!!!! bookworm27 out peace love and carots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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