Forever and Always Isn't Sooo Bad

when a young girl of 18 (Alice-Rose) and her best friends (Sydney and Mary-Kate) are invited by her father (tour manager of 1D) to go on tour with them trouble starts when they fall despratly in love with Niall, Liam, and Harry! what will happen to these three friends when true love and jealious ex-boyfriends fight? read to find out!!!!


8. best to worst to greatest day ever!


I walked down stairs and saw Niall. He was wearing a shirt that had its sleves cut off and jeans. He looked hot like that. I walked to him and he wraped his arms around me. "All ready, Love?" He asked. "Yup! you?" I asked wrapping my arms around his neck. "Yup," He replied with a metalic smile. I almost forgot he has braces. I look him up and down and crosed my arms. "Whats wrong?" He asked looking down. "You have to change!" I say. "What! Why?!" He said looking down. "Your'e too hot! I dont want to share you!"  I said and smiled. He laughed and pulled me in a hug and I laugh. "If I have to change for wearing this than we have to go back to your house to get you new clothes," He said and I blushed. I looked at my own outfit. I had a pair of shorts on with a ruffled black tangtop and a red and black tie that said "Girls Rock" on it. I had my red high-tops. I loved my convers. I hugged him for a little bit, but then we desided to head out. It was our day. We desided to get ice cream and take a walk in the park. We held hands and ate our ice cream cone. While we walked we talked about our family and how we grow up. I told him about my how most of my life I was called Emo and how I wanted to run away. He payed attention the entire time and commented on some things. He told me about when the boys met. He told me about him being short and how he wanted to be tall. Once we ran out of things to talk about we started to sing Kiss You softly and laughed whenever he tryed to dance. He twirled me around and we started to laugh. We through away our trash and he put his arm around my shoulders and held me close. I put my arm around his waist and pulled him closer. He hugged me and I moved my arms to around his neck. He gave me a quick kiss and then hugged me. When we parted and started walking again a girl around 17 came up to us with a camera. She wanted a picture obviously. "Hey your'e Niall Horan right?" She asked and he smiled. "Well I really hope so," He said and I giggled. She looked at me with anger in her eyes and I shut up. "And you are?" She asked me. "This is Alice. She is my girl friend," Niall said smiling at me. He just threw me into the shark tank. "Hi," I said with a smile and a wave of my hand. Her face softened and she smiled. "Im Amber. Nice to meet you," She said with her hand outstreached. I shook it and she started to crush it. I felt my fingers start to crack loudly and a pain rushed through my body. She had a wiched smile as my face turned to agoney and I fell to my knees. Niall understood and he jumped infront of me and the girl realised my hand. I looked at and it was red and a bit purplish blue. "Wow your'e really strong," I said as Niall helped me up. "Just how Niall likes them," She said winking at Niall. "Can I have your picture?" She asked him who smilied. "Okay," He said and I took the camera. I took a fast pick of them and handed to her. "Thanks!" She said jumping up and down. "Can you sign this?" She asked pulling a pen and book out of nowhere. Where did that come from? He took it and signed really quick and handed it to her. She looked at it and frounded. "Is something wrong?" He asked and she looked up. She showed us the signature. "Niall Horan to my biggest fan! Be nice to my girlfriend please." I blushed and and kissed his cheek and hugged him. "Your'e too sweet," I said and took the note book from her. I wrote "Alice-Rose Hilton to 1D's biggest fan trust me when I say 1D has a tour in America in a few weeks so buy tickets in 1 week!" I gave it to her and she squwealed and hugged me. "Thank you! I will!" I laughed. "Just dont tell anyone alright?" I said and she nodded. She ran to the street waving goodbye behind her. "What did you tell her?" Niall asked. "That 1D is going on tour in a few weeks so keep quiet and buy tickets," I said with a shrug. "We weren't alowed to say anything," He said and I smiled. "You weren't I was. They will think its just a rumer and think nothing of it," I said with a smile. "Sneeky!" He said and we walked home. When we walked into the house we were suprized by a makeout corner. Mary-Kate and Harry were full into it with toungs and everything. Loui and Eleanor were at it aswell as Sydney and Liam. "Oh God!" Niall yelled and they all looked up. They shruged and went back to what they were doing. I shruged and pulled Niall into a kiss. He was surpized at first but then he was into it. He pulled my waist closer and he opened my mouth. I felt his cool breath enter my mouth and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I twisted and twirled his hair with my fingers and he did the same with my hair. I was then being pushed agenst the wall and into a corner. I wasn't fighting back. I was loving this. We were all making out when Zayn walked in and started cussing. We all jumped apart and he cussed up a storm. We all stared at him and he turned to me and Niall. We looked at the floor and he turned red with anger. I looked away and he walked up to me. Niall stood in front of me and I looked up. "Zayn don't be mad that we are all in love and you aren't," Niall said. Zayn turned to Niall and stared down at him. "Who said I wasn't in love?" He said. "Who is it then? Huh? Who are you in love with Zayn?" Niall asked looking around and everyone got up. "Aren't you going to tell us Zayn? If we are your friends you would just say the name," Niall said calmly. "Alice," Zayn said and I looked up. "Yeah?" I asked thinking he wanted to ask me something. Niall went weak and I understood. "What?" Niall whispered. "Im in love with your girl friend Niall. Im in love with Alice," He said staring Niall down. Niall fell to his knees and I slid down the wall. I looked stait ahead and Zayn smirked at us. "You didn't expect that huh Niall?" Zayn said and I looked at Niall. He had his face in his hands. I crawled to him and he looked at me. I looked at him and felt tears comming on. He opened his arms and I crawled onto his lap and cryed there. "Take me upstairs please," I whispered in his ear. He picked me up and carried me into his room. He sat me down on the bed and I cried. He held me in his arms and I looked up at him. He was crying too. I pulled his chin down and kissed him. I wanted him to know I loved him and only him. When we parted I looked him right into his beautiful blue eyes. "I love you Niall. Don't you ever forget that!" I said and he smliled. "I love you too Alice. Don't leave me," He said. "I will always be with you Forever and Always!" I said and we kissed. I love him and no Amber, Zayn or Chad would ever change that!

*Authers Note*

Heyyy! i wanted to say that im soo HAPPY!!!!! I JUST HIT 100 VIEWS!!!!!! THANKYOU AND BLESS YOUR SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also wanted to say that im sorry if i spelled Amber and Eleanor wrong. i can not spell! so sorry for any major miss spells! Thanks again and i would like to ask u guys to continue spreading the word about my book around! comment like fave! bookworm27 out peace love and carrots!!!!!!!!! 1D forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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