Forever and Always Isn't Sooo Bad

when a young girl of 18 (Alice-Rose) and her best friends (Sydney and Mary-Kate) are invited by her father (tour manager of 1D) to go on tour with them trouble starts when they fall despratly in love with Niall, Liam, and Harry! what will happen to these three friends when true love and jealious ex-boyfriends fight? read to find out!!!!


1. the beginning


It was an ordinary day. My bestfriend Mary-Kate was over and we were playing Monopoly, but then we heard a knock on the front door. We walked down stairs and answered to One Direction! Mary-Kate almost fainted. i just shruged and slaped her playfuly. They all started laughing and i smiled and qurcied. "Thankyou. Thankyou," i said trying not to laugh. I failed. I burst out laughing with them. Once we calmed down I smiled. "So by the way, Im Alice-Rose and this is Mary-Kate," I said. "And of course we know who you are. So what do you need help with?" I asked the boys, inviting them in. "We are kinda hoping you guys know where the Hiltons live?" louis asked me. I smiled. "You just met your self one. Alice-Rose Hilton at your serves," I said bowing once more. Niall smlied at me. "HARRY, I THINK WE'RE HERE!" Louis screamed at Harry who grabbed his ears and everyone laughed. "We're looking for Bob Hilton. Is he your father?" Liam asked. "Ummm... Yeah he is let me go get him," I said. I ran to the bottom of the stair case. "Hey Dad, can you come down stairs? Some boys are looking for you!" I yelled. "Comming!" He yelled back. "May I use your restroom?" Niall asked me. "Yeah. Come with me," I said and walked down the hall by the kitchen. Niall followed me, but half way through the hallway he justed stoped. "Something wrong?" I asked smiling. He just steped towrds me and blushed. "I was just wondering if you wanted to go out sometimes?" He asked. I smiled. "You don't really have to go to the bathroom, do you?" I asked flatered. "No, but do you?" He asked. He looked really sweet like that. Desprate. "Okay. Yeah. Sounds fun!" I said a bit excited. i said and he lit up. "How about tonight at 7? I asked. "Yeah. where do u want to go?" He asked. "Lets go to an imusement park! Or we could go to the carnival thats in town?" I said hoping for carnival. mostly for the fairs weel. I really wanted him to kiss me on the top. "Ooooooooo Carnival!" he said. "Great! so we better go back,"I said and he agreed. "Wait give me your phone," I said and he reached into his pocket and handed it to me. "Why?" He asked as i looked through his contacts. i added my number in his phone and then added his into mine. I handed it back to him. he saw what i did and smiled. We walked back out. We promised to text to eachother once we were finished getting ready. Just then my phone screamed, "NO JIMMY PROTESTED!" and everyone started laughing. i blushed and put my phone on vibrate. i checked my text . "Hey babe i love u i want to get back together. i miss u ALOT!- chad" Chad was my jerk of an ex-boyfriend that cheated on me and almosted killed me. "No!!!!! NEVER! U CHEATED ON ME AND ALMOST KILLED ME!!!!!!!! NEVER TALK TEXT CALL OR LOOK AT ME EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!-A" I replied typing so hard i might of broken my phone. I sent Chad's text to MK. she read the text and became wide-eyed."What?" Niall asked. "What! Tell him no and to get lost!" MK burst out stairing at her phone. "No dur," I said showing her my reply text. "Oh sorry. Chad my ex just texted me asking to get back together," I explained calmly. Niall looked realived. i smilled. "U wew nerves werent u?-A" I texted Niall. his phone yelled, "Pizza? WHERE?!" Everyone burst out laughing and Niall just checked his phone. "Yeah for a min there but i trust u-Niall" i smiled. that was sooooooo sweet. "Thanks thats sweet i trust u too-A" i looked up and he winked. i blushed and giggled. Harry gave me a sneeky little smile. "Who you flurting with now Alice? Are you flurting with me?" He 
asked me fliping his hair reminding me of Justin Beaber. I laughed and said, "Ha! In your dreams!" He winked at me and said, "See you there." We all burst out laughing. My dad then walked down the stairs. Wow he took a long time. "Hello everyone. I see you all have met. Well we better get to work," He said. "Dady, what are you working on?" I asked trying to sound sweet and kind. "We are working on a tour in the US and you two and one person get to come along with us! Doesn't that sound fun?" he said. This time MK did faint. I cought her before she hit her head. "Need help with her?" Harry asked steping towrds us. "Ummmm.... yeah thanks," I said and harry picked her up. "Where to?" he asked. "Follow me," I said heading up stairs. once we reached my room and held the door open for him. "Set her down on the bed," I said as he walked in. He layed her softly onto my bed. "If you kiss her maybe she'll wake up," I said when i saw him stairing at her. Laughed and steped back. "Well, thanks but i think i can take it from here," I said as i grabbed the water off my desk. "'Ey can u give this to her when she wakes up?" He asked handing me a piece of paper. "This is your number isn't it?" I asked holding the paper up. "Yes," He said smiling. "Give me your phone," I said. He handed to me without a question about it. I put MK's number and my own in aswell. I handed it back to him and said, "Call or text me if you need anything." "Alright, but i might be bored when i do," he said and thought about what he said. "Ohh! I mean!" he started but i cut him off. "Don't worry I do that all the time. We're good," I said laughing and he smiled. "Harry are you done up there?" Zayn called from the bottom of the stairs. "Yeah. Im headin' down right now," Harry called back and winked at me. i rolled my eyes and called as he started down the stairs, "Don't fall!" He laughed and i started to pour the water on MK's face. she bolted upright and held her head with one hand. "What happened?" She asked weakly. "We're going on tour with 1D and we got Harry's number!" I said and she stood up on my bed. "Shut-up!" she said. "Right here!" I said holding up the paper Harry gave me. "SHUT-UP!!!!!!" she screamed jumping on my bed. "Shhhhh! Calm down!" I whispered and layed on the floor. i put my ear onto the floor. i could hear the whole conversation. They talked about the cities they would vist and how they need a crew. Once everything was set and done they started to leavethe kitchen. we were about to get up when we heard Niall. "Um, Sir. can we talk?" He asked my dad. "Yes, of corse Niall. What do you need?" He asked. "I was wondering if it was okay with you if i want out with your daughter?" Niall asked in that cute Irish accent. MK staired at me in suprize. "Suprize!" I whispered. "Ummm if she wants to she can. It's her disition, but if you hurt her in anyway you will have to answer to me. I don't want another Chad in this house," my dad said in a scary tone. "Yes, Sir," Niall said. I checked my watch. It was 6:30! "Oh my Gosh! I got to get ready!" i said jummping up and running to my closet. i grabbed my phone and texted Niall. "don't dress fancy! I dont want it to be serious!-A" "Okay, but u have to look really hot!-Niall" "I will if u do-A" "Fine cool here!-Niall" "Lol gtg get ready ttyl ;p-A" "Ttyl- Niall" I sliped on a pair of jeans as MK searched my closet. We finally found the perfect shirt. It was a red shirt that came off on one shoulder. On the right arm it crossed over in a dimand tape-like look. I ran to my bathroom and put some gold eyeshadow on with eyeliner and mascara. I put on light pink lipgloss on and looked in the miorror. I looked at the brown eyed girl stairing back at me. Her long brown hair with rustic color old highlights that started at her shoulders and her hair that stoped at her waist. Her lushus lips that had been colored with light pink. She was pritty but never gourgous. Why did he choose me? Why not MK who was much prittier than me. Well if he choose me atleast i hope he likes what he picked, because it wasn't much. I hope he likes me enough to kiss me on the top of the fairus weel.

*Authers Note*

Hey people of earth and beyond! its me bookworm27!!!! hey so i just hope u guys like my little story. i would like for some comments please. tell me your thoughts and tell me any ideas. u guys should know that im a really really bad speller so im sorry for little or big mistakes! and u should really check out a book by one of the people i follow! There is the slave auction and seriously it is amazayn!!! and then there is just say yes and this book makes me want to sing it is really great! these fanfics are just truly awesome!!! so check them out. and comment on them aswell. okay so please like fave and comment!!!!! bookworm27 out till next time!!! and i will try to post as much as i can so dont get mad if i dont for a while with school and everything.

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