Truly, Madly, Deeply

Lia 17 about to turn 18 she is struggling with a cruel disease, Leukemia. She is in the last phase of cancer but she has been getting treatment. Her on life dream is to meet her favorite band of all time ONE DIRECTION!!! On her birthday witch happens to be Valentines Day. When she finally meets them Niall Horan start falling for her. Could Lia Tisdale be the next lucky girl to be girlfriend of Niall?!?!?! You will Just have to wait and see!!!


7. Worried

Mellie's P.O.V

 Yes, they are here! I was walking to Lia's room trying to not show my excitement for her, to be honest I sort of fangirled little bit when I met them. I was at Lia's room I walked in to see her in a really cute top with some skinny jeans on with her hair braided to the side so it would hide her scar. She has been wearing her hair like that since she fell in the shower.

"Hey sexy lady, what's up?" I said to her, "hey Mellie nothing just having the worst birthday ever!" she said looking at me. "Hey I got some thing that will cheer you up... Boys you can come now!" I yelled down the hall.

Lia's P.O.V

"Hey I got something that will cheer you up...Boys you can come now!" She yelled down the hall. "Who's Her-" I asked but got cut of by the yelling of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIA!!!" by some familiar voices. I looked up to see who it was, OMFG IT WAS FREAKING ONE FUCKING DIRECTION!!!! "y-you're o-one direction" I said in stutters, I thought I was dreaming "Happy Birthday Lia" Mellie said. I ran up to Mellie and gave her a great big hug. THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU!!" I said. "well I will let y'all mingle" she said as she walked out the door behind her.

"Hi Lia Happy birthday" I heard Liam say, "hey, thank you." I said, I was so happy. They all came up to me and gave me hugs Niall gave me a Horan hug. "If you don't mind me asking what are you doing here?" I asked no one in mind. "Well you nurse set this up as I guess a birthday present." Niall said looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes. "woooh that sexy Irish accent" said to my self so no one would hear me. "well thank you!" Niall said to me, shit he heard me. "Shit did I just say that out loud?" I said blushing. They all started laughing and so did I.

Niall's P.O.V

"Woooh that sexy Irish accent" I heard her say but I don't think I was supposed too. "Well thank you" I said very cheeky, "shit did I say that out loud?!" she said while her cheeks were turning bright red. We all started busting out laughing.She was really Pretty, With her long, blonde hair in a side braid.

I saw Harry looking like her like she was a new bone and he was the hungry dog. I started to get mad but, I lost my thought when Lia started talking "So where are you guys taking me for my birthday?" she asked. "How about to the beach" Harry said elbowing me in the side, "O-o-ok" she said, she seemed a little worried.

"You ok love" Zayn asked, "Yeah, sorry just let me get dressed and we can go." She said, with that we walked outside in the waiting room to let her get dressed. I wanted to know why she was worried, I will ask her later.

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