Truly, Madly, Deeply

Lia 17 about to turn 18 she is struggling with a cruel disease, Leukemia. She is in the last phase of cancer but she has been getting treatment. Her on life dream is to meet her favorite band of all time ONE DIRECTION!!! On her birthday witch happens to be Valentines Day. When she finally meets them Niall Horan start falling for her. Could Lia Tisdale be the next lucky girl to be girlfriend of Niall?!?!?! You will Just have to wait and see!!!


5. Getting Ready

Niall's P.O.V

"Guys come on give me my food back" I said while Louis and Harry were running around with my pizza. "No Jimmy protested!" Louis said about to eat my pizza right in front of me. "Listen carrot boy! If you eat my pizza you are going to regret it!" I said, I looked at Harry out of the corner of my eye, his eyes got really wide when I said that. "Lou just put the pizza down!" Harry said to Louis. "No!" he said taking a bite out of the pizza. "OH THATS IT!!!" I said yelling and running towards Louis "OH SHIT!!!!" Louis said trying to run!! I tackled him before he could move.

"Fuck Nialler that really hurt!" Lou said as he got up. " I told you would regret it!" I said with a smile taking the pizza out of his hand. Liam came rushing down the stairs "WHAT HAPPEND?" Liam asked. "Nothing Lou took a bite out of Nialler's pizza." Harry said looking at Liam.

"Well Lou deserved it, we all know what happens when we take Niall's food." Liam said giving Lou giving him a ( your so stupid) look. "Any way, I got a call from Paul and he said we have to meet a fan today." Liam said, "Who is it and why do we have to meet them?" Zayn said walking in the room. "I think her name is Lia and it's her birthday today apparently." Liam said. "Oh. My. God. I forgot today was Valentines Day!" Lou screamed at Harry " Happy Valentines Day Haz!"

I was just sitting there listening to everything they were saying. I watched Louis grab Haz and give him a bear hug, they have such a weird bromance. I wasn't really in the mood for meeting a fan, but it the girls birthday so I will act happy for her, who ever she is.

Harry's P.O.V

"So we are going to meet a girl fan!! Eh?" I said with a evil smile. "Haz don't even think about" Niall said looking at his food, "What!" I said looking at him. "Haz you can't always get the girl you want." Niall said as he got up to throw away her trash then walking out of the room to got get ready to leave.

I knew what Niall meant I do always get the girl I want, and why not let her have a little fun on her birthday with me. I laughed at the thought. I got out of the room to go get ready to meet my new girl.

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