Truly, Madly, Deeply

Lia 17 about to turn 18 she is struggling with a cruel disease, Leukemia. She is in the last phase of cancer but she has been getting treatment. Her on life dream is to meet her favorite band of all time ONE DIRECTION!!! On her birthday witch happens to be Valentines Day. When she finally meets them Niall Horan start falling for her. Could Lia Tisdale be the next lucky girl to be girlfriend of Niall?!?!?! You will Just have to wait and see!!!


2. An Accident!!!



Lia's P.O.V




I liked Mellie, she was so sweet, so much nicer than any of my other nurses, she was almost like a mom I always wanted, since my parents did what they did to me. I remember everything so perfectly. See my parents are what you might call "Pot or Drug heads," my mom did pot and drank, and smoke cigarettes when she was pregnant with me. When I was born they wanted nothing to do with me, I remember my brother Luke always taking care of me, while our mom and dad got high and drunk at a friends house. I loved my brother Luke, he was my rock

When I was about eleven or twelve that's when the ..... The beatings started, My parents would beat me for no reason, and would say I was a mistake and they never wanted me. When they found out that I had Cancer they didn't even care the said they would care if I died.

 Then when I was about fourteen I ran away with some money that I saved up that I didn't tell my parents about cause they would take it and go buy drugs with it or boo's. I bought a passport and a plane ticket and flew to America, to go to a cancer treatment center to get help. I haven't spoken or seen my parents or my brother, Luke since then and that was almost three years ago.

 Enough with that, I don't want to think about it anymore. It angers me down in my gut just to think about my dumb-ass parents.

 I went into my bathroom to take a shower, I pulled off my shirt and pants, turned on the shower and hopped in. I was going on with my business when I heard a loud "BANG." I jumped and fell down hitting my head on the shower wall. It really hurt! I heard Mellie come rushing into the room, she kept saying "Lia Where are you?!"

 My head hit the wall so hard I was starting to black out, I tried to get up but, every time I went to try to get up the room would start spinning and my head would throb giving me a nauseas feeling. Finally I was out! On the cold shower floor with no clothes on.


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