Truly, Madly, Deeply

Lia 17 about to turn 18 she is struggling with a cruel disease, Leukemia. She is in the last phase of cancer but she has been getting treatment. Her on life dream is to meet her favorite band of all time ONE DIRECTION!!! On her birthday witch happens to be Valentines Day. When she finally meets them Niall Horan start falling for her. Could Lia Tisdale be the next lucky girl to be girlfriend of Niall?!?!?! You will Just have to wait and see!!!


8. Akward

Lia's P.O.V

"You ok, Love" Zayn asked me, "Yeah, Sorry just let me get ready so we can go" I told them. They walked out of the room as soon as they shut the door I broke down in silent tears, I didn't want them to see my scar, because then I would have to tell them that I fell down in the shower do to my clumsiness. They would just laugh at me.

"Come on Lia pull yourself together" I said as I wiped my tears away. I got up and walked to my dresser I pulled out my favorite bikini They were white with colorful cheetah print on them, I walked in the bathroom and tried so hard not to look at the scar on my collarbone. I got dressed I put a dark cover up and walked out in to the waiting room.

Niall's P.O.V

She was taking a long time,  Harry said with a smile "she's pretty hot! Am I right?" "Yea, she's really pretty" Liam said, I knew Liam didn't actually like her cause he's got Dani so it didn't bother me what he said. I was about to say something but Lia walked up in a Dark swimsuit cover up. "Ok I'm ready!" she said, she looked like she had been crying.

"Ok lets go" Harry said jumping up, "wait I have to ask Mellie if I can go" she said  walking to the counter. and talking to Mellie.

Harry's P.O.V

Man, Lia is so hot! I wonder why she's in the hospital, she looks perfectly healthy. Lia walked over to the desk to Mellie. "Harry, it's not polite to stare" Liam said nudging me in the side. "Huh.. Oh sorry Lia's just really cute I can't stop staring" I said still staring at her.

"Ok, now we can go" she said as she walked up to me and Niall. " Great come on let's go" Liam said jumping up and down. We walked to the car and Niall got in next to Lia before I could so I ran over to the other side and sat next to her and me and Niall started talking to her.


Hey guys I know this is a short chapter but I have been really busy lately and it sucks and I'm working on a new story so please be mad and I know this is way over do so sorry!!!! XOXOXOX

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