Truly, Madly, Deeply

Lia 17 about to turn 18 she is struggling with a cruel disease, Leukemia. She is in the last phase of cancer but she has been getting treatment. Her on life dream is to meet her favorite band of all time ONE DIRECTION!!! On her birthday witch happens to be Valentines Day. When she finally meets them Niall Horan start falling for her. Could Lia Tisdale be the next lucky girl to be girlfriend of Niall?!?!?! You will Just have to wait and see!!!


1. Stuck!!! :'(


Lia's P.O.V


" Just one more shot Lia, you've been through it before." I heard my nurse Mellie say. I've been in the hospital for six months now going through chemo therapy. I have Leukemia and I'm in the last stage  of chemo witch is kinda scary to me. Alot of doctors say I'm unusual because, I haven't lost all of my hair, in fact I still have most of my hair. Doctors say I should have lost most of my hair right now, I just say I have strong roots.

"I know... It just hurts" I told Mellie, "Ok, how about you turn on your favorite song, would that take your mind of it?" she asked me, "Yeah, that would help a lot!" I took out my iPod, and found my favorite song "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by "One Direction" ,my favorite band of all time!

I have always wanted to meet them but, I can't leave the hospital without adult supervision. I fancy Niall the most, although the Carrot King and Curly are cute too, just like Liam and Zayn. There was something that I like a lot about Niall, I don't know if it because he's Irish or just too sweet.

" Alright all done, for today anyway." Mellie said, "really?..." I said with a sad face. "Lia, dear what's wrong?" she asked, "oh... It's just... I'm always cooped up in this room and I have anyone to talk to except him!" I said pointing to my Niall poster on my wall. "Well Lia if you ever need someone to talk to just ask for me, I'd be happy to talk" she said with a smile on her face. "Thank you... Nurse Crawford" I said with a slight, "Please Lia, call me Mellie" I smiled at her as she walked out the door.

Mellie's P.O.V

Poor Lia, she is always inside her room, never to go anywhere. I wish I could do something for her, let her go somewhere. Her parents are never visiting her, she actually brought her self up here for chemo therapy.

I know only know one thing  about her and that is that she loves One Direction, every time I walk in to her hospital room she listing to them. I know she wants to meet them because, she's mentioned them quite a few times. Her birthday is coming up soon it's on Valentines day and I think I know what I'm going to do for her birthday.

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