Chelsea, Ally, Taylor, Sierra, and Brianna are going camping in the wilderness alone. While exploring, they manage to get themselves lost. Meanwhile, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall are flying out to New York to preform a concert. Their pilot loses control and they happen to crash in the same forest the girls are in. They team together to stay alive, and compete in a dangerous competition.


2. Going Away For A While

Chelsea's Point:

I sat watching my friends Ally and Taylor pack their bags. We were going camping alone. We had been planning since we were kids. Since we're 18 now, we can. ''Done'' Ally and Taylor said in unison. ''Good. Let's go wait for the rest.'' I tell them. We walk to the living room. As soon as we sit down, the doorbell rings. I open it and Sierra and Brianna and ready with their bags. I grab mine and we head out. ''Ready?'' Sierra asks before starting the car. We all nod. ''Then let's go!''

Louis' Point:

''You boys ready?'' I call from the living room. ''Yeah!'' I hear Harry shout. Then, Liam Zayn, Niall and him come in with their bags. We pile in the car and drive to the airport. We waiting to climb on our plane. When the time came, we climbed in and relaxed. Harry fell asleep as soon as he sat. I sat next to him. ''So where are we going?'' Niall asks. ''New York.'' I tell him. He smiles, ''Cool.'' Liam plops next to Niall. ''We have a show 1 hour after we arrive.'' he tells us. Niall's jaw drops. ''One Hour??" he asks. Liam nods. ''Yes'' Suddenly, the plane jolts to the left. My face hits the window. ''Woah.'' Liam mutters. Then, it tips to the right. Harry slumps over the side, still asleep. We hear an announcement over the P.A. ''We are experiencing problems. Please fasten your seat belts and remain in your seat.'' I look over to the rest of the boys, all fastening their seat belts. I click mine closed, just as the plane starts moving quickly downwards. Suddenly, we crash against something. I look and we're falling through a forest. We land, caught in a tree. The impact causes me to slam against the window and I black out.

Harry's Point:

I wake up to a crash, and see us falling. We smash into a tree and kinda just get stuck. Louis hits his head and passes out. I see Zayn and Niall thrown across the plane. Liam jerks forwards and passes out too. I notice my arm is in pain. Without thinking, I get up and leave. I walk until I find a shaded area. I sit and fall asleep.

Ally's Point: We finally arrive at the forest. ''Come on girls.'' I say getting out of the car. Sierra and Taylor go to put up the tent. I notice I densely wooded area. ''Let's go check that out!'' I shout. The girls grab their bags and walk with me. We follow a path until it's no more. ''This way.'' Chelsea tells us. We follow her deeper in the forest. We walk for a long time, and notice the dark creeping in. ''We should go back'' Taylor says. We turn and see just greenery. We walk the way we think the camp is. But wherever we go, nothing seems the same. ''I think we're lost.'' I speak up. ''And it's dark.'' The girls turn around and see that we are lost.

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