Chelsea, Ally, Taylor, Sierra, and Brianna are going camping in the wilderness alone. While exploring, they manage to get themselves lost. Meanwhile, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall are flying out to New York to preform a concert. Their pilot loses control and they happen to crash in the same forest the girls are in. They team together to stay alive, and compete in a dangerous competition.


3. Finding Them

Chelsea's Point:

It's true, we are lost. ''Let's build some shelter.'' I say. The girls grab as many sticks as they can and bring them back. We get to work. After 20 minutes, we have a fort. I pull out a blanket and lay down. I eventually fall asleep. I wake up when I hear sticks cracking. It was morning. All our heads shot up. ''Who's there?''Brianna asks. I get up and walk out. I see a figure. ''Help me please.'' I could hear him say. He looked familiar. '"Who are you?'' I ask. "I'm Louis Tomlinson.'' he says. ''You don't look like him.'' I tell him. He didn't. His face was dirty and scratched up, plus he had a large cut on his forehead. His clothes were ripped and his suspender dangled down. ''I am. Please help.'' he desperately said. ''Our plane crashed.'' I sit down with him. ''Okay. Where are the rest?'' I ask. He shrugs. ''Let's look.'' I suggest. The girls follow me through the forest. We spot a curled up figure on the ground. ''Hello?'' I say. The boy wakes up and stare at me. ''Who are you?'' he asks. ''Chelsea.'' I reply. I notice that boy is Harry Styles. "Harry.'' Louis says walking towards him. In the back, I see what I think is the plane. I walk to it. I was right. I climb through  a hole and see two bodies limp against the wall. One stirs. It's Zayn. ''Help.'' he mumbles. I drag him to the hole and drop him on the girls. They catch him and lay him down. Then I grab Niall and notice he doesn't move. He just makes noises. I drop him and the girls miss. ''Nice.'' I shout to them. Then, I grab the last. Liam. He sits up and looks at me. ''Hi'' I say. ''Hi'' he says back. I help him down and then jump out myself. ''Thank you'' Liam says. I blush. ''Your welcome.'' The girls say that too behind me. ''Let's get back to the shelter.'' Ally says. I nod and walk. Zayn and Liam carry Niall back to the fort. ''Here.'' Taylor says handing them food and water. Then, Harry says, ''What happened to you?'' Brianna answers, ''We were camping and got lost yesterday.'' He nods and eats his food. Suddenly, Niall wakes up. ''What Happened?'' he asks confused. ''Accident.'' Zayn replies mouth full of food. I notice the mark on Niall's head. A bump and a cut. He gets up and walks to a bush. I hear him vomit. He comes back. ''You okay mate?'' Liam asks. Niall shrugs and drifts off to sleep.

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