They don't know about us

Hi my name is Fatima, i was searching for true love, one day i found someone that made me feel especial, i wont let him go, but, will he let mi go? does he really loves me? Read more


6. Winter Wonderland



30 minutes later

-We are here babe. - Louis said smiling at me, he opened my door and took my hand. I had a pair of sunglasses so I took them and wear them, Louis the guys, Danielle and Perrie made that too.

-Shit baby I don’t have money for the ticket or games, I can’t go in I will wait for you here have fun I love you. - I kissed his cheek and he took my hand tight

-You are with me, you will never pay anything if I’m with you babe, come here. - He took two tickets and paid and he gave one to me

-Where do you want to go? – He asked me

-Uhm I don’t know, maybe to that Giant Observation Wheel. - He smiled and took my hand

-Guys me and Fatima are going to that giant wheel do you want to come? - Everyone accepted and we went to the wheel, in the row 3 little girls approached

-Hey you, are you Fatima? - The bigger one asked me, she was tall, blonde hair and green eyes.

-Yes, why? - I hold tighter Louis hand because I was scared about what the girl was going to say

-You are pretty, please take care of Louis heart I know you love him very much, we don’t want Louis to get hurt. –

-Don’t worry huh what is your name? –I asked her


-Well, Alana you don’t have to worry because I love him so much and I won’t hurt him never, he is mine and from all the directioners. - She smiled and hugged me. The little one started saying

-Well, you are so skinny and beautiful, I wish I was you because you are perfect how can I think Louis or Zayn or someone else would notice me, I’m so ugly and fat. - Her face went down and started crying, I crouched and removed all of her tears with my thumb

-Head up, little princess the crown is going to fall don’t be sad, you are not ugly or even fat you are so beautiful and every girl is perfect in her own way.- she smiled and hugged me, then Louis came and hugged us too. But then the medium girl started talking with her mad face.

-Well, I don’t think you are pretty, you are so ugly and fat, you don’t deserve Louis, you are such a stupid person and a slot, but me huh Louis deserves me I don’t know how did Louis noticed you. – Louis was about to soy something but I didn’t allow him.

-Well, thank you honey you are so sweet, we have to go, we are going to the wheel I love you sweet heart.- the girl turned red and she tried hitting me, but Louis stepped in front of me and the girl hit Louis in the stomach.

-Look what you did bitch! – The girl yelled at me

-She didn’t did anything, you did! You are not a real directioner and stop hurting my girlfriend; I can’t accept this kind of things! - He shouted the girl ran to the bathroom and he turned around and kissed me, a tear went down of my eye but he removed it with his thumb. I smiled and hissed him on the mouth, the other girls hugged us and asked for pictures

-Goodbye! - The two little girls screamed to us

-Thanks for all- I screamed and smiled, Louis took my hand and we sat on the giant wheel. Danielle and Liam took a picture of us kissing on the wheel, and our faces turned to red and we laughed. When we finished we went for some cotton candy.

-Babe they are so big do you want one for you and me? - I accepted

My phone started ringing, it was twitter so I went there and it was the picture Danielle and Liam took, I retweeted and everyone started retweeting and replying like “I’m so Jealous” or like “You both are the best couple” I rolled down twitter again and I saw the picture with the two girls so I retweeted.

-Zayn can you take a picture of me and Louis please?- I asked, he accepted I gave him my phone and he took the picture, it was me sitting in Louis lap eating cotton candy and Louis was kissing my forehead, I putted it like my profile picture of Facebook and twitter.

When we finished we went to other games like an hour.

-Is 6:45 love do you want to go home? - He asked me

-Yes love you look tired, and I’m tired too. - He took the car keys and we went to his car. He opened my door and closed it.

30 minutes later

-Baby we are here but do you wants to go to your house or do you want to sleep here?-

- Maybe in my house because I really don’t want to be a bother and maybe you are very tired, but I will take a taxi so you can sleep now love.-

-No! You are not a bother, stay here I will make you something to eat. - He said

-No, I will make you something… huh maybe I will make you a hot chocolate, before you take your nap is it ok?-

-Ok babe, but I will help you. - he took out the chocolate and the milk, when I finished he went upstairs to his room, I went with him and he borrowed me one shits and a pair of shorts, I made a bun and I ran downstairs, Louis was sleeping in his bed, I really didn’t wanted to be a bother so I slept on the couch


I was sleeping in my room and I wanted to kiss Fatima, she wasn’t there, I ran downstairs and I found her sleeping on the couch, I carried her to my bed and she opened her eyes

-Sleep love. - I whispered

-Why boo bear? I slept on the couch because I didn’t want to be a bother. –

-You are not baby I prefer you here by my side so I can kiss you and hug you.- I kissed her lips and she kissed mine back

-I love you. - She whispered

-I love you too. - I hugged her and slept.


I woke up before Louis, he looked so handsome and sexy asleep, I was hungry so I went down to the kitchen and made hot cakes

-Smells good! - I listen Louis screaming, I ran to hug him and he kissed my nose

-I made this for you babe. - I gave him a plate with 3 hot cakes

-Do you want to go to the mall today with the guys?-

-oh yeah, where are they? Aren’t they supposed to sleep here?-

-They have their own houses, now we are boyfriends they decided leaving us alone.-

-Oh is ok babe.-

-Go change; take one of the clothes of my sister.-

-Love, I want to meet your sisters and mom.-

-They will be here in one week love; they want to meet you too.-

I ran upstairs to change and I took one pair of dark Abercrombie jeans and a forever 21 pink shirt, I took the same shoes I wear yesterday, I brushed my hair and I took a light makeup that was in my makeup bag.

-I’m done babe! - Louis ran upstairs and hugged me

-You look so gorgeous.-

-you too love. - I kissed him and he kissed me back.

He took a pair of jeans, a causal t-shirt, black suspenders and a pair of white vans

-Let’s go babe. – He took the car keys and he opened my door

15 minutes later


We met the guys at Starbucks.

-Hey Dani! – Fatima screamed

-Are you Fatima? Oh my god is he your boyfriend. - She said pointing at me

-Yes! His name is lo… -

-Louis Tomlinson! Yes obviously I know him he is from one direction!-

-Hi. - I said

- I’m Fatima’s friend from elementary school. - She said while we were shaking our hands

-Well Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Perrie, Danielle she is my friend.- Fatima’s friend turned red when she saw harry. Fatima and I noticed it, because Harry’s face turned unto red too.

-Well maybe you two should go out. - I whispered to Harry’s ear

-Do you want to come with us? - Harry said to Dani

-Yes of course. – Dani said

Fatima and I went to Apple because she wanted an Iphone 5

-I will buy this one babe, do you like it? - She said pointing at the white one

-Yes love but there is a problem.-

-What baby?-

-I won’t let you pay-

-Well you said that you won’t let me buy anything if I’m with you so I’ll buy it later, I don’t want you to waste more money in me. –

-Anyway I won’t let you pay babe. - I smiled at her. We went out from the store and some fans approached to Fatima and they started making questions

-Babe I’m coming I will be here in 5 minutes take pictures with tem and answer the questions if you need something call me I love you. I kissed her lips and he kissed me too


When the fans approached Louis had to go, I think the boys called him, and the fans started asking me.

-Do you really like Louis?-

-I really love Louis with all my heart. - I answered the little girl

-Can I take a picture with you?

It was a little weird they were asking me to take pictures and sign some papers because I wasn’t Louis, I was just his girlfriend, Louis came and he had a present in his hand, everyone started asking Louis for who was it, he smiled and gave it to me

-open it! – One girl screamed. I kissed Louis cheek and opened it; it was an I phone 5

-You didn’t have to! - I smiled, he hugged me

-I wanted, because you deserve more than that. – Everyone started to taking pictures of me and Louis kissing and hugging

1 hour later

-Lets go. –Louis told me, he holds my hand and we went to his car

I really love him so much, every time I look at his eyes I start loving him even more.


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