They don't know about us

Hi my name is Fatima, i was searching for true love, one day i found someone that made me feel especial, i wont let him go, but, will he let mi go? does he really loves me? Read more


4. Movie time


LOUIS POV I woke up early, like every day, I saw her she had all of her eyeliner spread all over her face, anyways she looked beautiful, I gave her a kiss in the cheek and I went downstairs, the guys were waiting for me in the kitchen -Who is her? - Niall said smiling at me -So Boo Bear, you are cheating on me… you broke my heart- Harry said joking -Her name is Fatima, I met her yesterday at the park, and I invited her to the bar, she went to her house and she forgot her keys so, I told her if she wanted to sleep the night here in the house, so that’s why. – -You like her, right? - Liam said -I have feelings for her, but I just met her yesterday, she’s so beautiful and kind, she is different and unique. - I said smiling -Well, you kinda like her- Zayn said FATIMA PROV -I opened my eyes and I could tell you that I was I Louis room because he had pictures with the boys and with his family but he wasn’t sleeping there, I went to the bathroom because I had to wash my face -oh crap, he looked me like that. - I said in my head I had eyeliner all over my face, I looked ugly, I washed my face and I started to listen whispers, they were different voices so I went downstairs and I saw 4 boys and Louis sitting down in the couch they all smiled at me, Louis stood up -Good morning. - Louis whispered at my ear and hugged me -Morning. – I hugging him back -He is Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam. – pointing each one while he was saying their name. I smiled -Morning I’m Fatima. – -Good morning. - They said in chorus. -Want some Waffles? – Niall said giving me a plate with 1 waffle, I smiled and took it -Here- Louis said pointing a place in the table, I smiled and sat down. Louis sat behind me and he watched me eating. When I finished he took my plate. -Well, thank you so much I have to go. – I said -No, no Fatima stay here, we were thinking going to the movies, do you want to go? - Louis said -Oh thank you so much but I don’t want to be a bother. – -Don’t worry, you aren’t. – -And I don’t have money. – Louis smiled and took my hand -I won’t let you pay anything if you are with me. – I smiled to him -What do you want to see? - Louis looked at me -Toy story 4! – We all laughed -Is ok Liam, buy 6 tickets and let’s get ready.- -OK- We all said in chorus Louis took my hand and he took me to his room. -I don’t have any clothes Louis; I don’t have anything to wear.- -Don’t worry- He smiled at me and opened his closet, he had half closet of his clothes and the other half of women clothes -But why? – I laughed -My sister forgot all of her things in here and she gave it to me so, you can wear anything you want- -Thank you- He took one red-white striped polo and one pair of dark skinny jeans; he went out of the room and closed the door. The clothes were beautiful, so I took one pair of Pink skinny jeans from forever21 and one causal white shirt that had holes in the back; I went to the restroom to change. DAMN, I was in my period and I forgot it, my panties were covered of blood, I took my purse and I took out the sanitary pad I had and I took a shower. When I finished I had to use the same panties but I covered all of toilet paper and the sanitary pad, I put the clothes and I brushed my hair with a hair brush that was in the shower cabin, I waited my hair to rinse and I took out my makeup bag and started to make up with my M.A.C. foundation and then I put with my Laura Mercier brush my Dollymix blush from M.A.C., then I took out my Laura Mercier lipstick Rose Quartz it was all the makeup I had in my bag. I took one pair of dark toms that were in the girl part of the closet. I ran downstairs and I saw two beautiful girls, one of them had curly long hair and the other one had long straight blond hair, I smiled at them and they smiled at me back -Hi, how are you? - The blonde one said me -Fine thanks and you?- -Good thanks, well maybe you are a little confused, I’m Perrie, Zayn’s girlfriend and she is Danielle, Liam’s girlfriend- -Oh hi, I’m Fatima, Louis friend. – I smiled at both -are you going out? – Danielle said me. -Uhm, yes, kind of it, I met him yesterday at the park and we went to a bar and then I forgot my house keys so I slept here. – -Awww, love at first sight, Just like Liam and me. – We stopped talking because we heard footsteps, there were the boys, Danielle ran and kissed Liam and Perrie hugged Zayn, niall and harry hugged each other, and Louis went and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me, I had to stand tiptoe because he was so tall. -You look beautiful. – He whispered at my ear -You too.- I smiled I gave him a kiss on the cheek, I looked behind me because I listened to a sound, Perrie and Liam took us a picture, I blushed a little and Louis face turned into red, we stopped hugging us and I step normally. I felt Louis was searching my hand, finally he found my hand and we kind of sandwiched our hands. -Let’s go. – Liam said and he took his keys We didn’t had very much space in the car so Danielle sat on Liam’s lap, Perrie on Zayn’s lap and I sat in Louis lap. 5 minutes later -We are here. – Liam said taking a pair of sunglasses and giving to all of the boys, Perrie and Danielle  made a bun and put a hat and sunglasses, Louis gave me a pair of sunglasses, we went out of the car, Louis and me were still holding our hands, we enter to the enter door and we ran to the cinema. When the movie ended we went for some ice cream, we saw a pair of fans and they asked Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry, Danielle and Perrie to take a picture, the smallest one saw Louis and me holding our hands. -Are you Louis girlfriend? - She asked me while Louis and me smiled -No, I’m not, I’m just a friend. – -You two make a cute couple. – She smiled at me -Yes? - Louis asked -Yes, of course, you Louis are so handsome, and she is so pretty and she look so kind, what are you waiting for?- -To the perfect time honey. – I felt my heart was melting, I obviously liked him and he was so cute and handsome, why not? -I´m so jealous of you. – The big one said -Why?- -I love Louis, you stole his heart, look at his face, I have a boyfriend and he looks like that to me. – I saw him, he was smiling at me, and I was smiling too, I took his hand harder and he did the same -Can we take a picture with Louis you and us two? – Both girls said in chorus We took the picture and they said bye to us. The guys, Danielle and Perrie were smiling at us, our faces turned to red a little and we started walking, we got in to the car few minutes later we were in home, Louis and I sat on the couch and I put my head on his lap and I yawned. -Are you tired babe?- -Just a little.- -Do you want me to get you home?- -Yes please. - I smiled at him We went upstairs and I got all of my things and Louis his car keys I said goodbye to the boys and girls and we got into the car.
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