They don't know about us

Hi my name is Fatima, i was searching for true love, one day i found someone that made me feel especial, i wont let him go, but, will he let mi go? does he really loves me? Read more


3. More feelings


FATIMA POV When I went to my house, barbs was in my kitchen waiting for me, I was very excited because Louis Tomlinson of one direction asked my number. -Why are you so happy? - Barbs told me while she was smiling at me -You won’t believe me. - I told her -I will, believe me; I’m your best friend.- -Well, I was with Abby running at Richmond Park, and I fell down, then one boy helped me and asked my phone number, guess who was it.- -Ah Fatima you know I’m not good for guessing!- -Well… it was Louis Tomlinson! From One Direction! - I told her screaming so exited -What the hell? Fatima! Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t believe you! - She screamed -I swore to you barbs! Look I have his phone number! He told me that he will call me! -Oh my G...- Before she finished my phone started ringing -Oh my fucking God Fatima He is calling you! Answer him! - She yelled at me -He... Hello? - I said- -Hi, is this Fatima?- -Yes I am- -Oh I was calling to you because I wanted to ask you to go out tonight.- -Yes of course at what hour? – -I’ll be in your house at 9pm we will go to Rooftop bar just give me your address. – I gave him my address and we said goodbye. -OH MY GOD OH MY OH MY OH MY- I screamed -He invited you to go out? Oh God I’ll die! - She screamed like me, we were very exited -Yes Barbs! I have to take a shower he will be here at 9- -Ok… so its 6:45 you just have 2 hours and 15 minutes so let’s start!- We went up to my bathroom and I went to the bathroom to take a shower, when I finished I took a towel for my hair and one for my body, I took a aqua long skirt from forever21, it was like to the floor, white high heels from Steve Madden, and a casual long sleeve white shirt from forever and I put everything on my bed. I started with my hair, I brushed it and then I dried, when I finished I took out my straightener and I started to straight my hair, when I finished I put my clothes on. I took out my makeup box that was under my bed and started, I took out my M.A.C. foundation and started to spread all over my face, then I put with my Laura Mercier brush my Dollymix blush from M.A.C., then I took out my Laura Mercier lipstick Rose Quartz and when I finished I started to eyeline my eyes with my Maybelline liquid eyeliner, I took my vanilla perfume from pink and I was done, I put my eyeliner, brush, blush and my lipstick on a little bag, then I put my Iphone, my perfume, my little cosmetics bag and one sanitary pad, I painted my nails color white and my cell phone was ringing, he was calling, I felt butterflies in my belly and I answered. -Hi honey are you done? I’ll be there in 1 minute. - He said in a sweet tone -Yes I’m coming. - I said nervous I took my high heels and I said goodbye to my best friend -Don’t worry babe, you look beautiful good luck I love you.-she said -Thank you barbs I love you too, he is waiting for me outside I must go, please take care from Abby, she needs some water, bye see you.- While I was walking down to the stairs I listen that someone was ringing the bell, I took a sigh and I approached to the door and opened it. -You look beautiful. - He said smiling -Thank you.- I closed my house door and continue walking. He opened the car’s front door and let me get in, he started driving and the only thing I was looking was his beautiful blue eyes, he was wearing dark skinny jeans a white t-shirt and a black suit coat, I can noticed he smiled and looked at me, I blushed and I looked in front. 15 minutes later we were in the Bar so he parked beside the door and he took a bucket of red roses and gave them to me. I smiled and I kissed him on the cheek -You are so sweet Louis, you didn’t have to. – -I know, but I think you deserve more than that, is just a little detail. – He went out of the car and opened my door; I leaved the flowers on the car so I didn’t lose them. We ate and we talked about the take me home tour and about the boys, we paid and we went out. -Than you it was delicious. – -No, it wasn’t anything, can we go out tomorrow before breakfast? – - Yes of course I can. - I smiled -So let’s go in the car is cold here.- He opened my door and he dropped me in my house, he opened my door and waited. -Oh shit, I don’t have any keys let me call Barbs maybe she will have one.- -It’s ok honey but aren’t you cold?- -Yes I’m cold…- -Here you have. - He said it while he smiled and took off his suit coat and put it over me I called Barbs 3 times, she answered at the 4 time -Barbs! I’m here babe can you give me my keys so I can open the house? -Ooops, I’m in Madison house! I’m so far from you! I’m so sorry honey! Do you want me to get home and give you the keys?- -Oh, no it’s ok Barbs I will Sleep in the car don’t worry I love you bye.- Louis looked at me and said -Honey you can sleep in my house, if you want.- -Oh Louis I don’t want to be a bother really.- -What are you talking about? Come on its cold here I’ll give you some hot chocolate, and you will sleep in my house don’t worry. - He smiled at me We walked to his car and he opened the door, I slept in the ride. He carried me to his bed because the boys were sleeping in all of the rooms; he putted a cup of hot chocolate in a bureau behind his bed. LOUIS POV He was there, sleeping in the car, beautiful like the first time I saw her, I didn’t wanted to wake her up, so I carried her and I put her in my bed, and I also putted a cup of chocolate in a bureau behind my bed. I covered her with a blanket and I let her sleep, I slept behind her because there was no room, I took off my clothes and I put on my pj’s. I wish she feels the same thing I felt the first time I saw her.  I’m starting to think that I love her 
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