They don't know about us

Hi my name is Fatima, i was searching for true love, one day i found someone that made me feel especial, i wont let him go, but, will he let mi go? does he really loves me? Read more


5. Girlfriend



We were in the car when Fatima's phone rang.

-Hey Barbs, how are you?-

-Yes, leave it opened I’ll be there in 15 minutes approximately. –

-Ok, love you too. –


-Who is Barbs? – I said

-She is my best friend, the one that had the keys. –

-Oh ok. –

-Love? – I said

-What happened babe? –

-What do you think about the things the little girls said in the mall today? –

-I don’t know Lou, and you?-

-I just think the biggest one is right. –

-About what? -  She said confused

-That I’m really in love with you, and that you stole my heart. – I smiled and took her hand

-Want to listen something? Me too. -She kissed me on the cheek


When I finished talking with barbs Louis asked me that who was barbs and then I told him, then Louis asked me about the things I was thinking about the two little girls at the mall, when he told me that I stole his heart and that he really loved me, I shocked, I really loved him too, I felt my heart was melting because he is really perfect for me, I told him I loved him too and I kissed his cheek, is impossible to describe how much I love him

15 minutes later


-We are here love. – I opened her door and took her hand.

-Thank you so much again babe, want to come in? – She asked me

-Yes of course. - I smiled at her

She opened the front door and took one cup of water

-Here you have love. – She gave it to me

I took the cup of water and drank it.

-Gorgeous girl do you want to sleep? - I asked her because she looked tired

-Mmm, well not at all handsome man. - She laughed

-You can sleep now babe, I’m going to my house

-No! - She screamed –Stay here, come to my room and let’s watch a movie, I want you here with me. Please don’t go love. - I just smiled at her because she really wanted me to stay

-Yes babe. - She took my hand and we went upstairs to her room, she took the movie “A walk to remember”

I lay in Fatima’s bed and Fatima slept by me and hugged me, she was so beautiful I kissed her in her forehead and she opened her eyes and smiled


I slept by his side while we watched the movie I choose, I felt something in my forehead and I opened my eyes, and smiled, he was Louis, I obviously was happy because he was there, he took my hand and I hugged him, Louis looked at the clock and it was 20:45

-I must go love; I don’t want to be a bother. –

-You aren’t, please sleep here I’m scared. – I lied

He smiled and accepted, I took a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for pajamas, I just turned around and start taking off my clothes, I could felt Louis was looking at me, I was in panties and bra so I turned around and I found Louis looking at me.

-You look sexy in panties. -  He smiled and I laughed

I turned around again and started changing I felt his arms around me and I had a chill, it was Louis I turned around and Louis kissed my lips, it was a long slow kiss, he wrapped me around his arms and I kissed him back, he smiled and we pulled away.

When I finished putting on my pajamas Louis started taking off his clothes, I looked at his stomach, he had a six pack, he looked so sexy without shirt, Louis looked at me and started laughing because I was looking at his six pack and my face turned red, he leaved his boxers, and he got into the bed by my side I turned off the lights and he wrapped his arms around me

-Good night love, I love you with all my heart. – He whispered at my ear

-I love you with all my heart too babe, good night. – I turned around my head and hissed him on his lips he smiled and we slept.

Louis POV

Next day I woke up before Fatima, like at 7:45 it was so early so I was thinking for a plan, I really liked her, or even more, I loved her with all my heart, I took my phone and called to Domino’s pizza and asked for a big pizza in heart shape. The pizza was here at 8:20 when I listened to footsteps it was Fatima, she was in the stairs, I putted the pizza out and ran to the stairs, she was so beautiful without makeup,  because she washed her face before she went down

-Good morning beautiful. - I told her

-Morning baby. – She smiled and I hugged and kissed her

-I bought some pizza, if you want. - I told her

-Give me some. –

When she opened the box she looked at the heart shaped pizza, there was a note I wrote, It said ‘Baby, I really love you till the first day I saw you with your dog, you are perfect to me so I want to ask you something, do you want to be my girlfriend?’ She started crying and jumped to me and kissed me, I kissed her back

-So…- I said

-Of course love I really love you too and I was waiting you to say that!-

We took a picture of the note and the pizza and we putted it on twitter

‘My beautiful girlfriend and her pizza, I love you babe! (: Xx @Fatima_AB1’

I started receiving good comments like “Louis_Tomlinson @Fatima_AB1 She is so gorgeous, you deserve her!”

And a little of comments with hate like “@Louis_Tomlinson @Fatima_AB1 She is a slut Louis you deserve me love!” when I saw the tweet I replied

“@LouisAndMeXx If you don’t like her, don’t comment here because I love her and your comment won’t change anything” everyone started retweeting

Then I saw a tweet that was like “@Louis_Tomlinson @Fatima_AB1 I’m so happy Louis I loved that picture, I told you Fatima, you stole his heart” I clicked to one link that was there because she attached a picture, she was the girl she said that Fatima stole my heart, I reetweeted her and I started following her. I listened something, it was Fatima, turned around she was crying

-What’s wrong baby? – I asked her

-I really love you, I read all of the comments, they say I’m a slut, a bitch that I don’t deserve you and I think you deserve more than me. – She started crying harder and I hugged her tight and she hugged me too, I kissed her forehead and start talking

-You are crazy love, you know that I love you with all my life and I won’t let you go never, they are just jealous they made the same to Perrie and Danielle at first, but then they know that Zayn and Liam are happy with them and they started saying they were so beautiful and that they loved them, and I think you deserve more than me, I love you babe.-

She kissed me and we sat in the couch, we went to Fatima’s twitter and we looked to the TT


We started laughing because 5 minutes after we were boyfriends and we already have a couple name!, she went to her profile, and he had 3000 more followers I hugged her and we turned off the computer.

-I’ll go to change babe. - Fatima said

-Ok baby I love you. –

-I love you too. - She ran to her bedroom and changed


I took one pair of Abercrombie shorts and a light pink shirt from forever21 and a light makeup; I straightened my hair, and took a pair of white converse

-Babe I’m done! - I screamed

-Going! - Louis ran to my bedroom (he was still in boxers) and putted on his clothes)

-You look so beautiful baby. – He hugged me and kissed me, I kissed him back and y hugged him too, he carried me while we were kissing, we pulled away and I smiled

Louis phone rang and he answered


-Ok, we will be there in half an hour

-Ok, bye.

-Who was it? - I said

-Harry, he invited us to winter wonderland with the guys, do you want to come?

-Obviously love.-

-Lets go.-

He took his car keys and we got into the car.

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