They don't know about us

Hi my name is Fatima, i was searching for true love, one day i found someone that made me feel especial, i wont let him go, but, will he let mi go? does he really loves me? Read more


2. A new friend, i guess


 It was Friday, I was in my best friend’s room, I woke up early, like 7:30 am because I had college that day she was studying my same career so she had to wake up at the same time as me. -Good morning lazy- I said quietly to my best friend -I’m not lazy, I’m Barbara, barbs for you- She laughed -JA JA, if you are going to be like that I won’t make you pancakes- -Do you know how much I love you, Fatima? - She said hugging me -Of course, that much that I will have to make you nutella pancakes, right? – -I love how you perfectly know me- she laughed -Aha, but I’ll take a shower first. - I told her while I was getting up quickly so she couldn’t win this time the bathroom -It’s ok but fast.- I took one pair of dark Abercrombie jeggings, a Forever21 casual white shirt and one pair of blue toms of her closet. I took a shower and dressed; I took barbs straightener and started to straight my curly hair while she was taking a shower. When I finished I took my little makeup bag from my dark Longchamp that was in the bureau that was behind the bed. I took out my M.A.C. foundation and started to spread all over my face, when I finished I took out my light pink M.A.C. lipstick and I put it all over my lips, then I borrowed barbs her Forever 21 pink cream blush and her M.A.C. black eyeliner, I was done, barbs didn´t like to wear makeup for school, so she just took one pair of Rue21 leggings and one Hollister shirt, she brushed her hair and waited me to finish her pancakes. -What are you waiting for! The door closes at 9 and is 8:30- She yelled at me - Don’t yell at me, I have enough time for make one nutella pancake- I told her -Wait, you are not going to eat?- -No I won’t I will just drink an orange juice so please poor the orange juice in a cup for me.- 5 minutes later -Here you have.- -Mmm smells good.- -And tastes good but hurry up, put the pancake in a napkin and eat it in the car we don’t have enough time, take your things and lets go.- -NO! Are you crazy? I won’t eat in my car!- -Ok, we’ll use mi car but hurry up!- Barbs took her things and I took my orange juice and my Longchamp. 10 minutes later. -Ok, we are here don’t forget your things barbs. - I told her while I was turning off the car -What class do we have? - She said -Uhm I don’t remember but we better go out now because if we don’t, we won’t have assistance- I said while I was getting out of the car We ran to the enter door, when I was about to go into the building I clicked to my car control to close the car. When we entered to the classroom I saw the teacher behind me so y ran to my chair and took out my pencil case and my notebook The class started. It was 15:55 and my school day is over at 16:00 so I was looking at the clock, the minutes passed and the school bell ringed I took my things and I ran to my car and waited for barbs, I saw her and I pressed the horn, she looked and she got in to the car. 10 minutes later. -Well barbs I’ll see you in 15 minutes, I will take a walk with Abby (My Pug dog)- -Is ok honey thank you- I parked my car outside my house and walked in for some water, I walked to my kitchen and took a bottle of water that was in the fridge, -Abby!-I screamed She rushed and came to me I put her dog leash and I started running to the entrance door. 5 minutes later I was running in the park with my dog, I didn’t saw that in front of me there was a hole so I fall down all I could see was one boy running to me. -Are you ok? - He said -Yes um I’m ok, thank you. - I said slowly -Let me help you. - When he took my hand I saw his face, he was so handsome, blue eyes and brown straight hair -I’m Louis, Louis Tomlinson and you? - He said I could say I know him from another place, he was so familiar. -Fatima, thank you for helping me. - I replied -No, don’t worry is ok. - He smiled -Can I ask you something? - I said -Yes honey- -You are so familiar to me; do I know you from another place?- - Haha, yes, mmm, maybe because I’m from One Direction. - He kind of laughed -Oh yes of course! I think when I fell down I hit my head very hard- Two little girls approached behind Louis -I better go now, thank you so much for helping me; you have some fans behind you. - I told him - Oh yes, no problem, uhm, can I have your number?- -Oh, of course give me your cell phone I’ll write it for you.- He gave me his cell phone and I give him my cell phone so we can write his number on mine. -Here you have. - He said -And here you have. - I said -Bye I’ll call you later take care, and beautiful dog, what’s her name? - he said while I was turning around - Thank you haha her name is Abby, bye, I’ll wait for your call- I screamed so he can listen me.


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