They don't know about us

Hi my name is Fatima, i was searching for true love, one day i found someone that made me feel especial, i wont let him go, but, will he let mi go? does he really loves me? Read more


1. A bit of my life


I live alone, in my own house, it isn’t big, but is very comfortable my neighbor is my best friend so there’s no problem if I’m bored, she lives alone too, so every night we sleep together in our houses, the problem is that I don’t know very well my neighbors, I’m scared someday my best friend move from there and I stay alone, my mom lives in California she’s so far from me because I moved here to London three years ago because of my college and the opportunities of work, I study professional photography in London Metropolitan University. Before I was born my dad died in a car accident so I couldn't meet him, he was Arab. I have long brown curly hair, light brown eyes and heart shaped mouth, i´m not that tall, im just 5 ft. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I fall in love too fast.

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