Valentines day

Harry is walking down the street with the rest of One Direction and accidently runs into a small, beautiful girl named Darcy.... Will her life change from boring to amazing in one day. The day that she mostly spends alone every year. Her thoughts haunt when she thinks she has found the perfect guy. Little does she know that someone is looking for her that she never wants to see. Not after what he did to her. She has moved on but has he?


1. His eyes

Darcy's POV:

I walk into Starbucks and get a peppermint hot chocolate. I walk out of the door and run into someone and fall on the ground with hot chocolate all over me. I look up and see Harry Styles from One Direction. He puts his hand out and slowly helps me up. 

"Im sorry I should have been watching what i was doing" Harry said.

"Its okay i wasn't watching where i was going either" I said

He leans close to me and says " Hey im Harry Styles"

"Im Darcy Hampton" I said

Harry leans down and kissed my cheek and asked for my number. I took his phone out of his hand and put my number in. He hugged me and left. All i could think was did he feel those sparks like i did? 

I turn around and head down the sidewalk. I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around and see Harry running towards me. I stop and wait for him. 

"Darcy would you like to go on a date with me" Harry asked me

"Sure" i said

I totally fangirling in the inside but, I didn't Harry to see me scream. He intertwined mine and his hand. We walked into Starbucks since my peppermint hot chocolate is all over me harry decided to buy me a new one.

I remember that tommorow is Valentines day. Maybe i wont be alone this year. 

Harry looked at me and winked. A burst of energy went up my arm when he touched me. I looked into his radiant bright green eyes and i suddenly get lost into them. He gets lost into mine as well. We just sit there staring into each others eyes until we hear coughing. I turn around and see Louis Tomlinson. He sits on the other side of the booth sitting in front of me.

"Hello im Louis Tomlinson" Louis said.

"Hi im Darcy Hampton" I say

Harry just sits there awkwardly. Louis finally breaks the silence and asks Harry " Are y'all dating" 

" We just met we are merely getting to know each other but, maybe one day we will date" Harry said 

I couldn't help but blush. Louis finally leaves and its just me and Harry again. He grabs my waist and we leave and walk toward the beach. When we get to the beach he turns me close to him to where are chests are touching. 

" Can you come over tommorow and meet the rest of the boys?" Harry asked

" Yeah sure" I said

He leans down and kisses me. My body went numb from the most amazing kiss I have ever felt. I felt Harry smile into the kiss. He moves his hands to my hips. He releases me and places his forehead onto mine.

He grabs my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine and we walk back to the sidewalk.

" I have to go home but text me your address so i can come pick you up tommorow" Harry said

He pecks my lips and we and hugs me and i walk home thinking about how could  I already love him when i just met him.



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