Amy and Niall's Ending of Love

This is a sequel to my story My Brother, Niall Horan. So yeah. You would have to read that to get this. If you want me to use you in any of my stories later on please follow me on twitter @ceceliabarchak . Or on tumblr ceceliahoran.tumblr . So please do so. If you have a facebook my name is Cecelia Horan. Hope you guys enjoy
Amy and Niall have gotten married and had and adopted a Kid. Will their life be great or their life turn into horror?


1. The ending of the ending

Amy and I just had a little girl. Her name is Merebeth. She is 2 weeks old. She is very small and fragile. But we love her either way. We can only that she doesn't get hurt or sick. Harry has been bugging her a lot. All the guys love them. I hope we never have to go through tough times. Ever. Amy has been sick since the baby was born. She was always pale but she has been getting a little color to her. She is the best. Life is the best!





Hey guys. Sorry its short. It deleted off my computer when it reloaded. Ugh. But its meaningful. Um I might write another story. Not soon though. Well I don't know yet. But yes. I promise that it will be a one direction fanfic and I will make it a Liam one. I hope you guys enjoy my stories.






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