Belle Caster. A normal 19 year old girl that lived with her abusive father. One day when she decides to run away she meets someone she thought she would never meet. Niall Horan. They fall deeply in love. But they will have there up and downs. Also, what happens when deep danger arrives.


2. Waterfall

Belle's POV 

I decided to go somewhere I haven't been to in a long time. The waterfall. 

My mom would to take me there all the time. We would trow rocks in the waterfall.

Good thing it wasn't so far from where I was.

About 10 minutes later I got to the waterfall and sat down on the bench.

It brought so many memories.

Then I remembered the note my mom left on the floor when she had killed herself.

It read: Dear Belle,

I was not strong enough to stay on earth. I had to leave. I'm sorry for leaving you alone. I will love you forever. 

Love mom.

I let a tear roll down my cheek. I laid down on the bench and cried my heart out.

 Niall's POV 

"Hey guys i'm going to go for a walk." I said. 

I was stressed out. Thank god we had a 5 month break. I grabbed my sweater since it was a little chilly outside.

I open the door and walked outside. I decided to go to the waterfall. 

I loved that place so much. 

I could always relax there. 

As got closer to the place I saw a little body on the bench. When I got close enough I was that it was a girl about my age. Also, I noticed that she was crying.

"H-Hi" I stuttered. She sat up and looked at me.

Wow. She was beautiful. 

She had long blonde hair like me and bright green eyes.

"I'm sorry. I should go now." She said.

I grabbed her arm. "No, you don't have to go" I said. "Sit down" I said.

She looked at me. Her eyes her red. 

"Why are you crying?"  I asked.

She was speechless. 

"I ran away" She whispered. 

"Why?" I asked. I started rubbing her back gently.

"I was abused by my father." She whispered. Now, she was shaking.

"I'm sorry" I said. "You wanna stay at my place?" I asked. 

"I couldn't" she said. 

"Come on" I said.

She stood and we walked back to the house.

Authors Note

Hello! Not so good sorry ._____.


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