Belle Caster. A normal 19 year old girl that lived with her abusive father. One day when she decides to run away she meets someone she thought she would never meet. Niall Horan. They fall deeply in love. But they will have there up and downs. Also, what happens when deep danger arrives.


3. Nice to meet you


•Belle's POV• I was still shaking with fear. I was to scared to speak because I thought he would hit me. "What's your name?" He asked. "B-Belle" I stuttered. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you." He said. "What's your name?" I managed to say without stuttering.  "My name is Niall." He said. "Where are we going?" I asked. Why am I asking so many questions?! "We are going to to a hotel where we will be staying with 4 of my best mates." I nodded. I was so scared. What if I got raped? What if they try to kill me? All these question were flying through my head. A few minutes later we got to a huge hotel. Niall open's the door for me like a gentleman. "Ladies first." He said. I laughed and walked inside.  We walked to the elevator and he pressed number 15 which was the last floor. When we got to the 15th floor we walked out the door and went to room 595. He took out his keys and opened the door. There were 4 other boys sitting on the couch watching TV. They all turned me. "Boys this is Belle, Belle this is Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn." Harry had curly hair, Liam had a buzz cut, Louis had his hair up in a quiff and Zayn had his hair all messy.  "Hello!" They all said at the same time. "Hi" I said nervously. "Don't be nervous." Said Liam. I nodded. "Are you hungry?" Asked Niall. "Yeah" I hadn't eaten for 2 day. I was starving!  "What would you like?" Asked Niall guiding me to the kitchen. "Anything" I said. "Here, let me take this up to my room" He said grabbing my bag. "Thanks" I said.  A few minutes later he came back. "So, do you want to order something?" He asked. "Sure" I said. "Okay."  He picked up a red phone the was on the counter and dialed 292, which I'm thinking was customer service. "Hello?" "Can I have Chinese food?" "Okay thanks you" He put the phone and open the cabinet. There was a whole bunch of junk food. "Woah, I see you love food." I said laughing. "Yup. I eat A LOT of food." He said. He got two bag of chips. He passed me one of potato chips. "Thank you" I said. "No problem" he said.   •Author's Note•  Hello! Sorry I haven't updated for so long :(  I have 87 reads!!! Thanks you so much! I hope I get 100!!  ~ Kik me: waterfalldaisy  ~ Follow me on Instagram: carrots_are_cool  Thanks again! :)
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