Blind Love (1SHOT41D CONTEST)

I'm Rosalina Skylette. I have dark brown hair that looks black but its brown. I have brown eyes too. As far as I know... Did I mention I'm blind?

This is for the 1SHOT41D Contest.


1. Everything

I'm Rosalina Skylette. I have super dark brown hair and same with my eyes. I pretty much have no clue what I look like. I'm blind. Because of this I am bullied a little. I will never do self harm but I have thought about it before. The only thing that escapes me is music. Mostly One Direction. I love them more than anything. I have heard so much about what they looked like but never knew. Liam's voice made me happy. I never was happy like that. He will never love me or notice me but it is good to dream.


"Honey! I have a surprise!"

"What is it?"

"I am taking you tomorrow to a One Direction Meet & Greet!"


"Valentines Day."

"Oh my! Oh my! My dreams are becoming a reality!"

"Yeah! You better get to bed for the big day.

"On it! Thanks mom."

"Your welcome."

~The Next Day~

We finally got there! After hours and hours of waiting we got to the front.

"Hi..." I told them all.


I went down the table and then I was told Liam was at the end.

"Hi Liam."

"Hi. Whats your name?"


"What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl."

"I wouldn't know.."

"Then let me say that your beautiful in every way."

"Thank you."

I soon left and found a piece of paper in my pocket and it read:

Hello beautiful. I really like you and want to know you better. My number is on the bottom and hope you will try to get back to me.


I texted him and got a response saying:

I love you.

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